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  1. Headphones works but ppl say that aux cables don't. Like connecting to external speakers
  2. Don't know but probably there will be a hotfix
  3. Can't root 6.01 atm
  4. Battery issue for some no aux audio cables working... Wi-Fi Hotspot dropping after 15m
  5. Probably because of the complaints. Bet they are sorting that out with another firmware
  6. Portuguese marshmallow full rom mega!edI2RLiZ!d3IF_DTpvuHpldVkwmkO2YtVG2sHNmlFBqtV2e3sC6Q
  7. When you upgrade it detects new SD card you need to configure it as portable device. Windows detects my SD card
  8. Portuguese one too
  9. Ty for the explanation 😊
  10. Still don't know why the turks have always the full rom on zte site first
  11. You can use morelocale without root to make more available though
  12. It has English German and Turkish only i think
  13. It's the only rom with dolby thou afaik
  14. Because they put a lot of bloatware but can be uninstalled.
  15. Just to let you know Full turkey mm rom is already on zte site

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