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  1. Ask MoDaCo: The WileyFox Swift

    Not much of a resale market for this, I wouldn't have thought. Nice looking phone, though.
  2. Urgently! Lost Android Contacts!

    I have exported my contacts to .vcf and was able to bring them back using a file explorer why my address book went AWOL.
  3. Ask MoDaCo: The WileyFox Swift

    I quite like the look of this and the built in call blocking feature is an interesting idea. However, I have read that Trucall is not especially robust. I am pleased to see that dual sim is becoming more available here in the UK as many people carry two handsets. I don't know anything about Cyanogen or why Macbreakweekly is so damning about it. 'Pure Android' is one thing, but being rooted from the outset would be huge step up for me. As there is no mention of rooting, I assume this handset doesn't have it. I am disappointed to see that there is no proper case and this is a deal breaker for me. In any event, I am still quite happy with my Moto g2 and I don't think there will be any resale value for the Wiley Fox.
  4. UK 2nd gen 3G phone - both SIMs=3G?

    I have this model as I have two numbers (Vodafone and the Co-op). You can only get 3G with ONE sim slot, not both. I have elected the Co-Op as my 3G sim as pay and go data usuage is a lot cheaper than Vodafone's.
  5. anybody else upgraded to 5.1

    I haven't upgraded. I have Kit Kat running pretty much as I want and would not be happy to move to Lollipop only to find that I HATE it. Hope you find an answer to your problem.
  6. Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen Review

    After writing a strongly worded letter to Co-Op phone customer services and without bothering to tell me, the data problem has now been fixed. The data charge may be half that of Vodafone, which is why I switched in the first place, but I really cannot recommend Co-Op phone.
  7. Anyone else upgraded to Lollipop?

    I am not going to upgrade and have dismissed the upgrade 'nag' notification.
  8. Honor Holly 'price-hacked' to £74.99

    Looking at the specs and overall design, this is exactly what I thought.
  9. Anyone else upgraded to Lollipop?

    What do you mean 'forced to use the GMail app'? gmail is not my chosen email client and I only have it for the playstore. I also don't use Chrome, are you forced to use that as well. I have been notified that Lollipop is now available for Moto G2 and that I will not be able to downgrade. I think I will have to do some proper research before I jump to something that I might HATE as opposed to the minor irritations of 4.4.4.
  10. New handsets join the 'Smart' family

    Sorry, but I haven't had reliable internet access for months. I don't know anything about this model and looking at the specs, I can't imagine that you will be able to do anything ambitious with it.
  11. Grumpy old me, sorry everyone

    Get more sleep if you can. I have sometimes thought you a little sharp and have risen to the bait, but I realise that taking other's comments personally can lead to misery and madness. I have fought in the YouTube wars and lived to walk away from it all.
  12. Moto G and Apex launcher, laggy going to Home

    I am using Apex with my non-rooted Moto G2 and not experiencing any problems going to home.
  13. Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen Review

    Thanks. I will give them a call. Using the Co-Op card for data would be considerably cheaper than the extortionate Vodafone.
  14. Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen Review

    I cannot get data from my Co-Op sim card which is in slot 1 and has data enabled. I have been back and forth with The Phone Coop with no success. No problem with my Vodafone card whether in slot 1 or 2. Does anybody have suggestions which does not involve rooting as I am reluctant to jump through the fiery rings that this entails. Thanks, people.
  15. Moto G 2nd generation - external sd card problem

    If I reformat the card, won't I lose what's on it?

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