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  1. Lenovo

    Lack of interest.
  2. I was really excited about this until I saw there is no Android pay support. My bank is taking forever to 'get with the programme' having only introduced Apple's pay system THIS YEAR.
  3. You can now buy Huawei / Honor quick chargers in the UK

    Just clicked through to that ebay seller and the price is now £4.99. I am not in the market for fast charging, but it doesn't hurt to spread the word.
  4. MoDaCo data breach: Full statement

    I came to the site today - not a regular visitor by any means - to find this statement. Thank you for the frank disclosure and assurance that you are stepping up security. I have changed my password, but in common with all the fora to which I belong, I never populate the 'about me' so there is nothing that can be compromised.
  5. Honor announce the £149, NFC equipped 5C

    I have finally bought the Honor and am slowly making it my own, although I have no intention of either rooting or modding. However, I am having trouble backing up my WhatsApp data to the google servers. I am pleased to note the torch app - no need to download from an app store only to find that the developer has requested FULL permission for using the torch - and the call/text blocker is also welcome. I haven't gone over to everyday use as my second sim has to be nano, so am waiting for a new one. I had to 'suck it up' and order a case from Amazon after the one from MobileFun proved to be for the fingerprint model.
  6. Sub £400 is the new value flagship

    I too have an aging Moto G2 and will be going for the Honor 5C, which has a great spec for the price of £149.99 (you can find details here on Modaco). I am not fussed about the camera, although it will be better than the Moto G, because I only take snaps. If I want a quality photo, I take my camera.
  7. In my experience, there is no app that enables moving ALL apps to the sd card so if your manual process works, stick with it.
  8. Honor announce the £369.99 Honor 8 flagship

    This is a nice looking phone and sits nicely between the budget and high end markets. However, it is too expensive for me and I am still set on the Honor 5C.
  9. As of Monday, 11 July, the OnePlus 3 price will go up from £309 to £329 as a consequence of Brexit's affect on sterling. You can read further here
  10. Honor announce the £149, NFC equipped 5C

    Ha, ha. So you changed your mind about the OP3 - was price a factor? I can't afford the Honor 5C just now and even though my bank is not participating in Android pay yet, it will be an upgrade of the Moto G2. I have changed my mind about buying from 3UK as I don't fancy the song and dance should anything go wrong. Buying online means that I can just send back the handset and request a replacement or refund.
  11. Sensor List for Honor 5c (UK)

    The UK version definitely has NFC as this the main reason for my getting this phone. It does not, however, have fingerprint ID. I don't use gyroscope or compass - are they google apps - but this guide written by Paul on getting the stock Android look does mention Compass, although I am not sure in what context. The guide may have the answers you need.
  12. Should you buy a phone with 8GB storage, even at £79.99?

    I agree that the Honor 5C is in a different league from the entry level Wileyfox, but when your old skool mobile finally dies, the Wileyfox will seem so advanced. Ironically, you could have bought an early Nokia (scroll down the page) for the price of the brand new Honor 5C.
  13. Should you buy a phone with 8GB storage, even at £79.99?

    Not in this day and age. I have discovered that I need something with more storage than the 8GB of my Moto G2. My next phone will be the Honor 5C. I don't favour the removable sd card as they are prone to failure without warning - I lost all my photos, but luckily most of them had been copied to my computer. However, for some people price and looks will be the determining factor especially for those moving to a 'smartphone' from a basic handset.
  14. WileyFox to announce new phones tomorrow

    The top of the line Wileyfox SparkX is cheaper than the Honor 5C and bigger too, but the deal breaker is NFC - no NFC, no Android Pay.
  15. WileyFox to announce new phones tomorrow

    I await the reveal with interest. I am still inclined towards the Honor 5C, but like the concept of Wileyfox. There are some must haves and provided they are included, then price will be the deciding factor.