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  1. en dat was weer een week bij kpn! weekend here we come!

  2. Weer flink gesloopt na een weekje office life.. :)

  3. Look at the topic list ;) it's a galaxy nexus rom..
  4. Genieten van mn nieuwe oude Bon Jovi albums #oldskool

  5. which problems mitch? have you tried the latest one?
  6. CV maken =] onder het genot van een muziekje, iemand nog werk in de zorgsector beschikbaar toevallig? #werkzoekend #zorg #geneeskunde

  7. Helaas toelatingsexamen niet gehaald =( ochtend deel te weinig punten.. middag deel ruim voldoende.. balen!

  8. treinreis van bijna 5 uur net begonnen! @Apeldoorn-Kortrijk

  9. this should do it :) Burstlam CM10 22-08 build http://www.mediafire...llw4rxa7d9p2gu3 The build is Chinese-English Full wipe is necessary Changelog can be found on http://bbs.hiapk.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=4165085&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dtypeid%26typeid%3D4361%26typeid%3D4361 but I think the ony thing worth mentioning is that he seems to have fixed the camera and that this rom is an ODEX version
  10. entz61 have you flashed it yet? I'm curious if it is working better then the previous version. The google translate of that page doesn't make much sense to me =D
  11. Please HDuser spare us your spamming and put it all into one post. This really irritates me because all the valuable posts end up trashed between your flooding. Sincerely, Sander #HDuser sorry, I thought you put 3 messages in a row but there was someone in the middle who has the same avatar. but still, check your amount of posts, it'll make reading this topic easier and more clean
  12. I just checked the chinese site and burstlam has uploaded a new CM10 build there (22-08) Anyone checked it out yet? *edit* Burstlam if you read this, could you please post your CM10 builds in a topic here on MoDaCo? I think the people here would be happy to help you testing! Thanks for your awesome work!