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  1. ejtagle, I was wondering what you used as the "backbone" for the tegra_alc5624.c you wrote? Or did you write that entire file from scratch? We have tegra_alc5623.c and I'm looking for an updated version for our 3.1 kernel (hoping it will fix our mic issues). I found tegra_alc5632.c from the AC100 guys but that was the closest I could find. Are we stuck re-writing this file, or do you know of another source? Thanks. -fosser2
  2. Hey ejtagle, I'm looking through how you guys implamented audio in 3.1. I'm intrested in how you enabled the CDEV clocks for audio. Since the CDEV clocks are not being called in the board-shuttle-clocks.c where exactly is CDEV being enabled? I ask this because we're trying to get the G-Tablet to register audio devices but it will only enable w/ the proper CDEV added to the clocks. Any idea what I'm missing? Thanks :) -fosser2
  3. As far as I know TPS6586X handles all of our power code including the shutdown.
  4. We don't have the NVEC controller on our tablet. This is what's making the implamentation harder...
  5. ejtagle, I'm trying to figure out where most of the power button function takes place in your 3.1 kernel. In our .39 kernel we had a hacked function in tps6586x that allowed function of the android power menu. Right now on 3.1 when we push power button, the tablet just shuts off. Obviously this is not good for the tablet. In 3.1 is there a better way to implament the proper function of the power button gpio or should we just use the hacked code from .36/.39? Our old code can be found here. Thanks
  6. ejtagle, I am just looking through your clock file right now. What exactly does the #if 0 do. I'm trying to figure out when/where you define it. Also in the above post you said you define minimal clocks in the 3.1 kernel. Does this mean you do not define the #if 0 and just use the tegra_clk_init_table at the bottom of the clock file? Thanks! -fosser2 Nvm: guess it just ignores everything w/in that ifdef
  7. I have been working on our 3.1 port. We got usb working and all but the touchscreen fails on boot. The driver loads but it is not getting any data back. First look shows the driver is working but something is hindering the data... I was hoping it would be something that could be easily fowarded from .39. Borkata: you will be in the same boat once you get the 3.1 running on the adam. The AT168 driver is the same between both devices.
  8. For the Gtablet we're looking into creating a u-boot. That would reside on the nand portion and redirect everything to emmc. That way the bad block issues will not effect the rom. 16GB is much more to work with than the measily 512MB we have on our nand... Is this a logical solution, or is there a better approach we should be taking?
  9. I finally started looking into it. If you don't want to take the time to mirror the nvidia source to github I already did it the other night. You can fork it from here.
  10. ejtagle, I hate to break up this discussion but I have a quick question about nvflash. I have a viewsonic gtablet and our internal storage that the rom is installed to is a 512mb NAND chip. I'm not sure if the Vega uses emmc or nand for their boot device but basically I'm trying to switch over to emmc as the boot device and get rid of our nand all together. In theory it is possible, but there is not enough information out there for me to be able to do it. The command that "should" be able to swap nand and emmc is: --setbootdevtype S sets the boot device type fuse value for the device name. allowed device name string mentioned below: emmc, nand_x8, nand_x16, nor, spi --setbootdevconfig N sets the boot device config fuse value either hex or decimal I am wondering if you know anything about the actual swapping of nand/emmc through nvflash. Any help you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -fosser2
  11. Cass, If we format our boot partition it throws a "magic value mismatch" error. Does the vega also get that?
  12. ejtagle, I'm wondering how you guys use fastboot on the vega. Is it nativly supported or am I missing something. With the Gtablet, we only have apx mode.
  13. Ejtagle, From your last post it sounds like LP0 is fixed for the Shuttle? If so do you think these changes could be backported to .39 and ported to Adam/smba1002 kernels? Thanks for all the hard work!

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