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    Nokia Lumia 800 now £149.00 SIM free @ Asda

    exactly It was out of stock on sunday afternoon... I wish they would accept paypal :(
  2. same here ,perfect all around ;) but 23mb free memory :D
  3. ilker1979

    [ROM] [ICS] ShenDu OS

    have you tried Latest Miui rom 2.9.21 ? If not you should, it works really smooth since yesterday ;) a lot better than previou release...
  4. a bit strange but somehow I have 121mb free memory LOL
  5. very true :) despite very low available ram, phone running quite smooth ... Thanx who ever working on this rom... I've got 3526 on antutu benchmark a bit lower than s3 rom I reckon it was 3665
  6. feels better than previous release and installed miaun Theme (Amazing) disabled the wallpaper scroll feels good ... let me check running apps =347mb used,40mb free... miui home-54mb -settings31-camera3609.4mb-updater-6.3-google services9.1-per.man6.6-messaging13mb-androidkeyboard-8mb
  7. 71mb free memory in first boot ! no additional app has been installed ... I love miui ,actually a big fan Of the miui roms but simplyit is not good enough for g300 at the moment... I was using S3 rom with many apps installed still 130-160mb free ram was available
  8. ilker1979

    Protective cases

    I've got the Black one of this, perfect fit + free screen protector all for 2.99+free first class post! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330789326982?var=540080870688&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  9. we use Miui on S2 for a long time ,Tried this on G300 but seem a bit laggy,slow and memory managent is not good enough compare to others at the moment ... Im sure new releases will cure all those problems ...
  10. I've tried infusion ,Miui and this rom and so far this is the best rom I've ever used on g300 so smooth and fast ... highly recommended ;) Youtube works ok here keyboard was missing but I Download one on pc and send it to phone and sorted... overall nice job Thanx p.s icons are S3 icons arent they? People paying hundreds of $$$ for them :D
  11. This is Very Helpful Thanx very much indeed :)