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  1. rikwebb

    How's Netflix for Android working out for you right now?

    i posted this as my review :) Rik - September 20, 2012 - EeePad Transformer TF101 with version 2.0.0 build 635 For Those having Problems there is a way, I eventually found it - -------------------------------- .. If you experience the Android Error 11003 immediately or intermittently after opening the Netflix app on your Android device, this is typically due to a system setting preventing the Netflix app from functioning. Follow the steps below to resolve. Confirm the System Settings on your Android device. Navigate to Settings. Under System, choose Developer options. Under Apps, uncheck Do not keep activities. Re-enter the Netflix application and try playing again. fixes problems with the Transformer TF101 Rik
  2. Did restore and all came back :) Just tried full wipe and its worked :):) Thanks Rik EDIT: Is there a way of getting all her stuff back - apps, settings etc ??
  3. :) Installed - but getting re-boot's at the quietly brilliant screen - just goes round in a loop! Just running a restore - finger crossed (or she will kill me!) Rik
  4. Well I have done the update that JonLad suggested and all now works ;) I even have local search working. It does look slightly different, ans pinch & zoom doesnt work anymore but hey hum Come on ALK - get it sorted !! Thanks JonLad :D Rik
  5. Sod sod sod sod - I've just bought the other (Major) and its still broken.... thats 2 lots of cash wasted - and getting a refund will be fun. I wonder if its because I have the HD2 with its 'different' version. Rik
  6. Well I have just purchased TTS Pan EU Download and installed Upgraded with the supplied activation key and now I have no sound at all Tried going back to normal voice - nadda Even the button clicks have stopped working....... Restore default settings does get back the normal voices, but as soon as you install TTS - all sound stops again I wish they would test these things before releasing them. Rik
  7. Ok - can someone explain the difference between TTS for EU Major and TTS for Pan EU please?? Rik
  8. rikwebb

    T-Mobile HSDPA speeds plummetting

    Strange, today in exactly the same place, I got: 1135 194 53 1175 333 1071 381 All with H showing at 2 bars on a diamond using ie. Then with Opera: 292 155 275 1064 1070 1096 I dont think there is any pattern! Rik
  9. rikwebb

    T-Mobile HSDPA speeds plummetting

    Try using www.dslreports.com/mspeed I must say, I have just run a few tests with the H showing on my diamond and got the following poor results: 2kb 45kb 90kb 46kb 32kb WTF ????
  10. scrap that ! - i sould learn to read!!!! Rik
  11. rikwebb

    MDA Compact IV Sendmail problem

    If its like the diamond - it may be getting the mail servers wrong when it auto configures. My btinternet was not getting configured to be POP3, but IMAP. Way round this is to put you email address as [email protected] or something, then it asks you all the details about your servers. Make sure you edit the settings again and set everything right, as you will still have the spoof email address. Rik
  12. Well, Ive just got the Diamond - but my contracts up - so I may also get a free C IV when they arrive !!! :( We will only know which is best when the C IV arrives......... and my spies now tell me its August - Missed the boat again TMob Might just hang out for the Vario IV - mmmmmmm decisions decisions Maybe I should just get a life and stop drooling over gadgets - comments not welcome :D Rik
  13. They usually apear at around 2am tuesday mornings !!! That when the websites updated. Rik :D
  14. Sods law - just got my Diamond from Handtec, T mob said they where not releasing until Late Aug....... and I'm due an upgrade Might still get one though :D Anyone with an idea when the Vario IV might appear? Rik