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  1. Rastaman2302

    windows phone 7 themed rom??

    Just install launcher7 and some custom icons :)
  2. Everything works fine untill I insert my sim. I'm stuck on the lockscreen, it doesn't unlock an I can see in the statusbar it doesn't recognize my sim card.. Is there a fix for this or are these chinese roms just not compatible with my sim card? I had the same thing happening before with a MIUI build but evnetually it got fixed :unsure: nvm there was a problem with my sim, everything working smooth now :) Just some trouble with ext partition and superuser crashing a lot but I'll figure it out. Hands down best rom I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot of them.
  3. hw acceleration is working on the hd2, might be of some help for the Blade (same gpu) :) kernel, rom
  4. Try Quickpick, I used that on GB as well. It's a lot smoother than the cooliris gallery but haven't tested it on ICS yet :)