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  1. All CM7.x based roms in our LiquidMT have a seriously problem with the battery drain.

    Camera and Data bugs forever! xD
  3. AD2SDX version has very low performance… I installed normal version and is better now. Good job with this rom! ;)
  4. MTRoms - A new website for us!

    I photoshoped a liquid png for you: - with shadow: http://cl.ly/image/0O1Y1U1y2q2h - normal: http://cl.ly/image/1o133R2B0c1X
  5. MTRoms - A new website for us!

    The size of text is a bit big. I prefer to see all important content in less space and the big text is difficult to read. The palette of colors is nice but the MT image is badly cropped. It need a photoshop work. The Roms tab is perfect, but the size of text is big too.
  6. MTRoms - A new website for us!

    A lot of roms are missing. You can see my compilation of all MT roms: http://my.opera.com/davidtsunamy/links But… nice website appearance! :P
  7. [Rom][2.3.7]JOYOS[Updated]

    Good luck with CM9!! :D
  8. [Rom][2.3.7]JOYOS[Updated]

    If you send me the English words, I can translate these into Spanish…
  9. [Rom][2.3.7]JOYOS[Updated]

    Wow! Nice look! The community is not dead! :P What languages are included?
  10. Now, I'm using MIUI on ICS by lens and it drain less battery than stock/cm7. I found some data-fix for other MIUI's, but I do not try it. Maybe these can help us. http://dl.dropbox.co...57/data fix.zip http://www.mediafire.com/?7279i144oqqo46k
  11. Sense port

    Go, go, go! ;)
  12. My metal dont boot!

    Can you enter into recovery?
  13. Lewa OS Liquid Mt (new version)

    Wow! A new ROM! Thank you! Three languages = multilang :D
  14. La 1.5 funciona en la oficial a la perfección. Tienes que usar la que no es CM. Las únicas que hay tienen fallo con la cámara y con el internet 3G.