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  1. PaNtsONhEaD added a post in a topic [ROM][GEN2/3][31.10.] CyanogenMod 9 - KonstaKANG (Android 4.0.4)   

    Hi so I am fairly new to custom roms.
    I have a Gen 2 Blade Comviq branded bought in Sweden and the partition sizes are as follows:

    Currently I am running Swedish Snow RLS7.

    I have Rommanager Premium that I own version and it says that my clockworkmod recovery is

    What do i have to do to flash to this rom? can I just put the and
    on the SDCard and click update from SDCard in Rom Manager? is there then something else I need to do?

    I used to have CM7 on my old Blade and loved the options and menues for that and I take it that they are the same in this as for CM7
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  2. PaNtsONhEaD added a topic in ZTE Blade / Libra -   

    No Blade II Custom Roms ?
    I just got a Zte Blade II white for pretty much nothing and it is locked to an operator, i rooted the phone but I guess I need a custom rom to remove that lock like cyanogenmod right? but is there any CR at all for this phone? The phone is pretty much the Blade 1 with better cpu and more ram so should they not work or be easily ported?
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