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  1. flashed the stable newest build using ota found in about phone, now my phone stuck on bootlogo (cyanogen logo), removed battery, restarted phone and it still doing it
  2. tried this rom.. and no user apps will work at all,they will install but when i try to open em they force close or crash. ive tried everything from clearing cache,fixing permissions and wiping data and reinstalling.. any help or ideas greatly appreciated as i really wanna try this rom... been using dazzozos cm10 for too long now and my phone seems stale and boring til dazs cm10.1 works daily use
  3. rom is almost perfect... only thing that niggles me is the 2 camera icons in the app drawer,apart from that im as happy as a pig in s*** with it
  4. Why do sales companies think it is within their rights TO RING YOU AT 8AM ON A FECKING SATURDAY AND CHAT s*** TO YOU EVEN AFTER YOU TOLD EM TO FECK OFF COS THEY GOT THE WRONG NUMBER!!!!!!!!! I think sales companies should release the home phone numbers of their employees so I can ring THEM when I think its a convenient time to talk.... when I get up for work every weekday at 4:30am and see how they like it!!!!!!!!! C**TS

  5. nah mate i've checked all directories and there aint no .nomedia files anywhere... i've tried formatting my sd card but that aint even helped... man this got me pickled
  6. Ain't travelled to work on the bus for ages but £17.50 for a pembrokeshire weekly ticket is taking the piss!!!!!

  7. got some weird s*** going on wi my phone... happened on cm9 and still same on cm10... music,video and picture files wont show up in corresponding apps like apollo (or any other music app),or gallery ... yet they are visible on file expert and file manager and every other file explorer app and even when connected via pc... have tried renaming folders,even moving files around in folders... have tried unmounting sd card,leaving out overnight and then remounting it and it still the same.... any ideas???
  8. Ah well that's the tooth out plus 3 stitches in the gum, no more toothache.... all thanks to the butcher in the haven dentist

  9. is this thread dead? have daz stopped working on cm10? aint been on much soz
  10. just got online and seen all the birthday wishes... thanks all,and thanks for the cards and prezzies etc. cant wait til my 22nd birthday next year ;o)

  11. hmmm good build and fast... except titanium backup seems to freeze when restoring and also nothing will move to sd card, a2sd works with dalvik on ext partition
  12. just flashed the latest build of this.. f##kin amazing man... smooth,fast,sweet.. only prob i got, got my gps turmed off and every now and again i get a gps symbol in top left of notification bar sayin searching for gps,have deleted maps in the hope that it was that which was accessing gps and it still happening, any ideas? ps sorry been away a while,have been busy. great work though Daz seriously
  13. thank you very much box nation... just watched david "hayemaker" haye beat derek "del boy" chisora in the 5th round... crackin fight too fair play

  14. Train derailment near Letterston, casualties known so far are 3 cows (seriously). Hope all passengers are safe and well

  15. Ah well time to leave folly farm, don't know who's more knackered... me or the sheep