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  1. Is it possible to flash the rom on a TMV or will this brick the phone?
  2. Thanks OuahOuah! I think it is one of the best roms. It´s much faster than the JB-ROMs and the battery life is much better, too :-) Tank you for your support!!
  3. Thank you, OuahOuah. How to remove the A2SD Script?
  4. Hello , is INT2EXT+ for that rom possible? I dont like A2SD, I thin k INT2EXT+ is very comfortable :-)!
  5. Thanks PsYcHoKiLLa, I already tried this,but the effect for better battery life doesnt appear :-( Google talk takes battery life, but simply when doing nothing, the battery life drops very fast like titty said.The App Battery Calibration doenst help, too.
  6. I think the battery life is not so gut than in previous roms (FNC, PAC from 12/21) Any Ideas why?
  7. Sorry, I meant the Nav Bar Ring (holding the screen long at the bottom) Ah, ok it´s under Preferences --> toolbars --> Trigger area
  8. Hi thanks, it´s a very good rom!!!! One question: I can´t disable the nav bar, didn´t found an option (still not in Rom Options under Preferences) Can anyone help?
  9. I´ve the same problem, but i solved it: Uninstall calendar with link2sd Install calendar from play store convert calendar app from user app to system app (with link2sd) restart sync works now
  10. Great work, Dazozo. Browser works fine, no crashes so far. Also the script, gbosh postet, works fine!! I have two questions: Is it possible, to get the clock in the center of the status bar? Some roms support this. And my second question, when i got a sms, than the LED doesn´t blink. I activated this in settings->system-> notificatoin light and than i chosse a valid color and my sms app. This doesnt work (LED feature in the sms app disabled or enabled, doesnt matter) :-/ Can someone help? Thanks a lot!
  11. Sorry, when I use the stock browser with Javascript disabled, it works, Dolphin crashes, too...Sorry!
  12. That dolphin crashes has to do with Javascript. If you enable it, it works, but thats not a good solution i think.
  13. Ok, thanks a lot [email protected], it works now! Now i got another Problem....when i want to surf through a website which contains Javascript, the Browser crashes (Dolphin HD and the stock browser, Javascript is enabled). When I turn off Javascript, the browser didn´t crash :wacko:
  14. Thank you very much [email protected], but after flashing the rom i try to install the S2E-JB42.zip file, but than the error "Installing update..... Installation aborted" occurs.
  15. Thank you very much for that image. I´ve one question: Int2ext+ does not work, the bootscreen appears and then nothing happens. do you know why? Kind regards :-) edit: Sorry, i found out, that Int2Ext+ has Problems with JB 4.2.1