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  1. 24KiFly24

    A thank you note...

    I would like to say thanks for all the developers who made our phone more usable. But the time is coming to change devices.. I really loved my skate l.;))) thanks again
  2. I've been using the rom for 3 weeks. 2 weeks ago when i tried to start viber it wrt rote"the application Viber has stopped unexpectedly", I thought it was not a big problem. Then i tried to start another app and wrote the same. Clean install, it was OK till morning when it started again. I tried to save datas that's why i kept data partition and sd-ext partition. The apps were on the phone but still doesn't start. What could be the problem? Thx for help:) Have a nice weekend
  3. Try to install from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.viber.voip from your pc:D It helped me:D
  4. Question: I falled in love with Plague.INC:) :) :) :) and it runs well sometimes and sometimes (i dont know why) it doesn't - white background or white ccubes-. Is it caused by the RAM? or what? I should use the Performance optionns i mean the Ram part.? My current settings . 902 mhz Smartassh3 --I restored cm7 its works well all time:O?
  5. I have to correct myself. It just do it when it use WiFi at longer period e.g evening I put it to charge to morning when I turn off doesn't want to connect to 3g((today I tried to switch between2-3g and its working) anybody has the same? Anyway its a great ROM thank you C3CO and other devs .
  6. I have a problem with 3g. If I use WiFi than I turn off WiFi to use 3g(its always turned on) the 3g icon stays grey and I can't use. After reboot its work again till I don't use WiFi. Anybody? I use 19. Update.
  7. Are we know about when will it published?
  8. i believed that there is an update;)) I mean tilal wrote about an update (that's why i believed)
  9. 24KiFly24

    Post you home screen piciture :D

    ( I'm using zedge from store it's really nice. I saw now that replied.;)
  10. What about Bluetooth? is it working fine? thx;) Tank you tilal the awesome work you are grate;)