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  1. I'd like to know is this is possible too...
  2. I'm still on 8.0 stable and Viber seems to work fine. If I upgrade to 8.14 that means it breaks?
  3. This post from XDA applies equally here
  4. This doesn't make any sense. Lots of people blaming "battery drain" with nothing else to qualify was what prompted my original statement. Unless you're willing to find a cause other than just "my battery drains faster" and then get aggressive, nobody will help you. And it's SlimKat you t**t.
  5. Guys, these are just general statements. Most battery drain has a cause, you need to install something like BetterBatteryStats then post logs on that app's official thread over on XDA. The guys on there are really helpful at pinpointing causes. I Greenify everything non-essential (i.e. things that don't sync etc.) and battery life is pretty respectable, if a little shorter than stock.
  6. Was on a repacked stock ROM, going over to this is brilliant. Super smooth, plenty of RAM available and no issues encountered so far. More space to install Play Store apps with Banks Minimal Gapps too. Highly recommended this ROM.
  7. Is that in every browser? Chrome/Dolphin/Stock? Thinking of switching to this from stock, to get more free RAM and space for apps...