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  1. Exactly, there is no point. Changing your address to a US one will still have the transaction declined, and you'll then also probably get a call from your bank's fraud prevention department. The only use of this modification is for people in the USA on unsupported phones. You cannot use Google Wallet outside of the USA; this should be made clearer in the first page.
  2. It doesn't work outside the USA, and hasn't done for about half a year now. There's currently no way to get payments to work unless you're in the USA.
  3. Has anyone with a genuine USA bank card tried using it with Google Wallet outside the USA? For example, an American going on holiday to London. Does it work? At least then we'll know if Google's checking the location of the transaction, or the location of the card/bank account.
  4. I don't know why you're all still using Paul's modded APKs on your Nexus 4s. Installing from the Play Store and using Market Enabler allows you to use the stock APK, regardless of you location. I've been doing it like this for over a year with my Galaxy Nexus, and 2 months with my Nexus 4, allowing me to update Wallet straight from the Play Store on my phone, just like any other application The issue is how we're going to get payments working again outside the USA. Nobody seems to be talking about that anymore.
  5. Did this only start happening with the latest version? Were you able to purchase items from the listed places above before you updated? Have you tried paying for an Oyster journey again?
  6. Has anyone got a new method to get payments working outside the USA yet?
  7. Have you used it to buy something yet? Does it work?
  8. What virtual card are you using? People are mentioning that they're adding prepaid cards into Google Wallet. Could someone who has successfully added a prepaid card tell us which company they got it from? It seems like this is now the only option for those outside the US.
  9. Yes, this is what you need to do. I would test it, but I'm away at the moment. Use a US address so that the Google Wallet application picks it up and adds it. Once that's done, log onto wallet.google.com from your computer and change the address for the card to your full UK one. Google Wallet should sync updated card information as soon as you open it - I tested this by changing my name on the card in wallet.google.com, and the application automatically updated the name on the card. Someone please test this.
  10. Have you tried US unlocked? Might work http://www.usunlocked.com/how_it_works.php

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