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  1. Everything stopped working all of a sudden(force closes on camera, etc.)........on Kitkat now........My skate has reborn :)
  2. `Can anyone let me know how to fix the proximity sensor ?? EDIT : Had to run thru the thread, will try in settings n C3CO patch ! Thanks for the great work ! Was on some Gingerbread ROM i don't rem the name holos something ! But this works superbly !
  3. How to get the proximity sensor working on this ??
  4. H3ROS are you planning any fixes for below ?? 1) The launcher sucks. Its slow like hell. I am not able to find Nova Launcher in play store. 2) Battery percentage on status bar ?
  5. Have been using this for a while ! 1) Launcher home screen is too laggy 2) Any chance of getting battery displayed in numeric % ?? Gr8 work !
  6. Hi All, I dropped my phone by mistake and not able to hear anything when i call someone. I can hear very low sound but nothing more even on full incall volume. What could be the problem. Speaker works fine. Thanks advance for helping. I was on stock and tried other ROMs but same issue !
  7. Have to say people still waiting for this ROM for last one year have to find some other hobbies/activities........This is not getting released ever !
  8. Ha ha ha !! I already got a new phone........just came by to check if this ROM is still out or not ...........lol
  9. Whoa ! Update is still not out is it ? :D :D :D :D :D
  10. Atomic Mod or CM7.2 the best out there..........other ROMs have bits and pieces missing........
  11. Has to be most famous thread without any recent updates on the ROM :)

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