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  1. Spoke too soon, now getting signal loss and random reboots.
  2. Signal loss... ummm, maybe try a different sim to see if that goes to? Only i defo have no signal probs.
  3. Are peeps doing the 3 wipes? Doing it OTA or from zip?
  4. No GSM problem here, or wifi problem. Only problem identified so far is the 10second camera function and movie record refuses to work properly.. Battery is better for sure, and its way smoother and quicker...thanks Daz.
  5. TV Catchup

    working fine for me on infusion, r u using the latest tvcatchup apk?
  6. ok, Infusion is probably the most popular, but as everyone on here knows each rom has its own merits. We all know stock roms are rubbish so i'd recommend always using custom roms that add way more features etc, Clockwork is neccesary if you want the good stuff, but its sooo easy to do that shouldn't concern you, it takes 30 seconds and its done. (At the right point in time tho lol) Easiest upgrade path imho B892-B926(CN Update)-B934 (Infusion), but first you'll nedd to need to make sure you have the IMEI saved onto your computer too, much safer. (Folder should be called 5irom thats on your sdcard?, copy that to your pc before you go any further) Also you will want to make sure you remove the CN B926 dload folder off the sdcard to stop you accidently flashing it again. Then you could follow a guide, hope that helps a little, and welcome to the site
  7. Not sure how B892 to B934 is going to work and even if it would, I'd recommend following all the other guides that take you from B892-B926-B934 (B934 is pre-built into Infusion rom, so you just need to get to B926 then root/cwm and flash rom and gapps, then root and cwm again) because after rom changes you lose root and cwm so you have to re-do them. Anyone more knowledgable than me on that please correct as this is my understanding and is exactly how im at B934, Infusion, rooted , cwm and unlocked, Yay! hahaha awesome. Anyway i hope this helps someone
  8. Ok it would be good to know what Bxxx etc you are trying to go from, but one thing to try would be formatting the sdcard to fat32 then drag the dload folder over again, and try that, i think the fat 32 fresh formatting and that one file being on the sdcard is quite important. I had the same trouble as you guys but only when i was trying to do it through the phones update. The vol up and down force update worked fine. I also had this error trying to go from B892 - B927, as soon as i switched to the Huawei Chinese B926 it all worked fine. Try that maybe if you are trying B927 and getting the error.
  9. yeh unlock first, I believe there's no technical reason but if you had trouble with the phone unlocking it be easier to exchange/return etc rather than explaining how you got such sweet software on your phone lol.
  10. Hahaahha you just beat me to it bud, ive bought myself upto speed on this whole g300 stuff, love the phone and now trying to help others out if i can. Initially i couldnt make heads nor tails over all these different BXXX numbers, but now it all makes sense!
  11. As i understand it, OTA wont work unless you change the default storage to SDcard, if that helps anyone. I was on the beta and updated over OTA no problem.
  12. Thanks Tillaz, sorted, got confused due to the launcher not having it lol, but also found the toggle which is nice to have, sorry if everybodies seen it before, only i've been running Atomic on my skate for like 6 months and have only just gone to the g300 and first time out with ICS. But honestly Tillaz this OTA update was sick, certainly a welcome new way of updating lol
  13. Nice work Tillaz, just OTA updated perfectly freaking awesome, Love it!!! P.S I just selected wipe cache all seems good, though my screen still wont rotate lol, any ideas as to why... I have ticked, unticked auto rotate etc still nothing???