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  1. "signature verifivation failed" when update to "The Slovak ROM (B07) P020120828370020727044".
  2. Error (MD5 mismatch) when I try to restore my beck up! what's wrong???
  3. You should install bootloader driver.
  4. Zte Acqua (v880e) ICS 4.0.4. have simlock (Ucell Uzbekistan). after flash my Acqua I lost IMEI and MAC adress Wi-Fi :( who know how to restore IMEI and....??? Thanks!
  5. Beck up my Zte Skate Acqua Custom ROM (ICS 4.0.4) through CWM. if who wants. " http://letitbit.net/download/87036.87fc13aa8d8134dd39c59e562cac/Zte_Acqua_beckup(cwm)_ICS.rar.html"
  6. I have custom ICS(4.0.4) on my Zte Acqua, CWM and root. How can unlock by operator (simlock)?
  7. I don't know why but can't move application to sdcard :( ???
  8. but i don't have original recovery.img file. or not need?
  9. Hi! how i can restore my original recovery.img? i have CWM(5028) from here, but need native to flash???
  10. please give me new link for Zte Skate unlock.zip?