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  1. Well i did a lot of stuff and i dont know if i'm gonna write the right solution. I think these are the correct steps : 1) I downloaded stock recovery & clockwork from here place them on sd and Stock Gen2, placed G2-G1 v2 stock at /image on sd card and also G1-G2 v10f and 4.4.2 + gmaps 2) Flash stock recovery from clockwork 3) Restart and enter FTM mode by holding -volume and update the firmware to Stock Gen2 4) Restart with +volume so G2-G1 v2 stock to be flashed 5) Entered CWM and placed G1-G2 v10f at /image 6) Restart with +volume so it flashed the 180partition 7) At CWM i flashed again the downloaded clockwork i partitioned the sd card (1gb) and then installed the 4.4.2 I think the whole thing is to downgrade to gen1 from gen2 so i believe if you flash Stock Gen1 you can flash immediately G1-G2 v10f
  2. Yes i have installed the CM7 but couldn't flash the tpt. The only files that flashes is the G2 v2a which has two files inside, an nandroid.md5 and the image.bin. Whats the difference with the others? i fixed it ...
  3. Hello, I'm trying to partition my blade so it can fit 4.4 on it which requires 180mb. I'm currently using G2 v2a with 160mb system partition and i want to flash G1-G2 v10f. I tried by pressing volume + and also to flash it from CM7 with tpt helper but none of them worked. What do i have to do so i can flash it? Thank you.
  4. Well upgrading is almost sure that you dont get any problems but when you downgrading its not the same because some files may not be downgraded and they are not compatible any more. Try to 1)clean dalvik from advanced 2)clean cache 3) reflash the rom+gapps, if its not booting then you should do 1)clean dalvik 2)clean cache 3) factory reset 4)flash the rom+gapps), with this way you should lose all your data and setting (contacts sync to google). I recommend you to take backup from recovery mode, it takes like 600-700mb in sd card but it worth it, since you can rollback to your older rom/state the way you left it. (sorry for my english, not native language :) )
  5. do you flash cm 10 or restore it from buckup from recovery?
  6. Screen runs black 2-3 times per day does anyone else has the same problem?
  7. i dont know if this a stupid question but does it support OTG?
  8. great build! i think its faster than CF, i'm gonna keep this for the future
  9. My battery drains very fast, one day max, anyone has same problems or is uncalibrated?
  10. I think we should return on topic :) anyone tried the updated rom? any impressions?
  11. @Roxaddy go to this post and download the calibration tool http://android.modac...ost__p__1907644 and then http://android.modac...ost__p__1907712
  12. @fox2000 sorry i got confused :) u need to place it on /system/app/