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  1. hi. my blade's microphone got bad, I don't know why. It slowly diminished to dead mic. I got it repaired from a local shop, but he just couldn't make it perfect. Now the mic works but the sound is very low, I have to yell over the phone to make the other person hear me. Now I'm in search of some microphone amplifier for android.. or some hack for it. if someone knows ... please help me out :( ... thank you. (sorry for bad english. :unsure: )
  2. hi. can anyone please provide a compatible s2e for this rom? or some s2e counterpart...
  3. thanks for the greatest rom for our phone... friends- new google maps work awful on our phone.. is it just me or same for everyone?? lots of flickering, and damn slow..
  4. have the latest update of both PAC Rom and gmaps.
  5. thanks for the update again. I've been experiencing little problem with google maps on this ROM since then I installed it. At some zoom levels on maps, the text breaks as follows: It just occurs at some particular zoom level. Any help here?
  6. thanks for the great work .... Zeelog sir.. after the latest update to v19.5.0 I'm experiencing more random reboots than ever (nearly twice-thrice a day). Also there is a new problem which a I can refer to as "random shutdowns", I seldom find my phone off.
  7. can anyone tell how to lock apps in memory just like launcher locks itself in memory. I think everyone would like to lock essential apps like dialer and messages to memory so as to access them on the instant we touch the icon. is there any way so that they just never get out of memory.??
  8. @zeelog suggestion: please try trimming the repetition and grouping the scattering of settings all over the ROM. just like try including phone settings to the main settings. there are few repetitions of settings in android settings as well as ROM control or paranoid settings. delete all except what controls best.
  9. i dont know then why my paranoid is getting forced close. what do i do now?? any idea?? edit: ok i reflashed the package, and it fixed the force close. but i edit the build.prop a bit that again made paranoid to force close (i did that last time too). so overall if i edit bulid.prop, paranoid goes off. changes to build.prop i made- ro.telephony.call_ring.delay=3 earlier it was 3000. just to reduce the wake up call time of screen.
  10. to upgrade do i need to wipe anything?? i just installed update.
  11. the latest update messed up paranoid settings. paranoid force closes. :/
  12. #7 obviously not. i just took them from google to show up what i need to say..
  13. #5 how do i move it now?? sorry i'm a newbie. :huh: @vNa5h thanks for the suggestion... gonna try it. :) edit: i loved it man... thanks a lot.. i found my ideal player. :wub: :wub: