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  1. Which official ICS build is the best?

    Unfortunatly, my Honor died on me. The update was stuck on B929, when I used a downgrade patch, and then downgraded to B919, the phones update failed at about 70% and then would not take any updates at all. I cant boot the phone, but I did manage to get pink screen mode up but I cant replace the recovery or any other files, the directory is too small, windows reports the mounted pink screen as having 0kb out of 0kb in windows. I can load up the stock recovery but that is all. I think either the flash memory on board failed, or the phones main partition became corrupt. Id say try the B929 version as that was the best one I used, it had a newer kernel. But dont forget to check if you need a downgrade patch for the version you are currently on. Ive moved on to the LG Optimus L9, so I havnt been checking the Honor boards really. So, sorry for the late reply. :)
  2. Double post - delete please.
  3. Im suprised this thread is still getting talked about. The monte carlo (family member has it now) I had has started doing the same crackling. I think the speaker itself is just of a low quality, when I replaced the speaker, there were metal filings all over the speaker. I suspect it destroys itself while being used. Im glad this thread has helped you guys!
  4. Help! B919 endless bootloop

    I guess as a last resort, you could put an dload folder with an update.app on your sd card with another sd device, then force an update with volume up + down + power. I dont think that would keep your data though.
  5. Help! B919 endless bootloop

    Have you tried clearing the cache through recovery mode? (boot up the phone with volume up and power buttons)
  6. Help! Im stuck on B929?

    The B929 update fails at about 95% Ive put the downgrade patch on, that succeeded. And flashed B919 and that also failed but at about 70%. I have access to the standard recovery, but formatting the data/cache has no effect. I also have access to the Pink Screen Mode and the disk mounts. Unfortunately the disk is full - 0KB free of 239MB total. There is a 'image' folder and there are 5 files inside there; amss.mbn - 21348kb, boot.img - 4834kb, cust.img - 8104kb, EMMCBOOT.MBN - 191kb, recovery.img - 5502kb. I think cust.img is the wrong size, its supposed to be 40mb, So its like there are hidden files which cant be viewed and they are occupying the space. Would formatting this disk fix this issue, or would this break my phone even more? I feel like this pink screen mode is a lifeline!
  7. Help! Im stuck on B929?

    the phone switches on, it just hangs on the huawei logo until i take the battery out, i can still apply updates via SD but none of them work, they all fail before fininshing :(
  8. Help! Im stuck on B929?

    so now i cant install any OS, every install ive tried has failed, i cant boot, and i dont think i have a recovery. Is there anyway to save this? Ive tried B930, B929, B919, B886 and B932. And ive tried the downgrade patches.......???? Any ideas guys?
  9. Help! Im stuck on B929?

    Cheers for the reply, I'll try it out once I'm in front of a PC. Ill post back with the results On a side note, what ROM do you run currently? I'm having a tough time deciding which CM10 to try first. There's 4 to choose from :P
  10. Help! Im stuck on B929?

    Hey guys, I'm running B929 which has the improved kernel. I have tried the B929 downgrade patch from 4pda and another from android-hilfe and neither seem to work. The German one has an update failed. And the Russian one applies fine but when I try and use the B919 update, it gets about 90% through and then gives an update failed message? I couldn't flash any other version of ics or gingerbread, apart from putting B929 back on. I'm currently back to a working phone but can't get B919 to flash. Any suggestions? I want to try CM9 or CM10 out.
  11. [Q] New ICS ROM for Huawei Honor

    Pfft. Yell at you!? A dev who posts in English is awesome, and pretty rare :P Id be happy to test the tomorrow for you, I'd like a good ICS rom to try. I'm on B929 at the moment because it's the most stable out of the official roms as far as I know. I'll try it out over the weekend if I get a chance ;)
  12. Rooting ICS B927? CWM?

    As far as I know, you can only install clockworkmod on ics b919. The rest have a blocked bootloader. As for rooting, the CWM-ADB package should work. I'm using b929 and that package worked for me. Its somewhere in the xda thread, I'll try and get a link :)
  13. Does anyone have this phone?

    I have this phone, its been a replacement for my ZTE skate. I do love having a much smoother experience, the old phones hardware seemed to be too slow for the screen res, it struggled a little with everything. As for rom info, I'm still trying to find stuff. Seems most activity happens on xda, there is one thread for the phone and its hard to follow what's going on :P
  14. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, I used the ZTE skate forum before :) I was wondering which build of ICS is the best? I'm currently on the b925 version. It seems to have a problem with the 3G data switching off and not coming back on after sleeping. There is a few other little issues but the 3g one is the most annoying. I have to reboot to sort out the data connection. Which one do people have the most stable performance with? Thanks, donk165
  15. The 'Where To Next?' Thread.

    I've just jumped on a huawei honor, I was gonna go for an acsend g300 but this caught my eye, its not much of an upgrade, but official ics release isn't bad!