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  1. Требуются специалисты по софту и железо (мобилные аппараты) для сервис-центра.

  2. Guys, please, could you upload the rom and gapps to other sourse? Dev-Host is not working for my country. By the way, thanks a lot for your job, fagyi. Keep going on.
  3. FM radio is not working properly.It finds stations, but no sound.
  4. Выложил только ради смеха.

  5. Could you tell us specifically about functionality of this ROM? What's working and not.
  6. dandyman


    Nothing is changed. Still having problem during flashing.
  7. dandyman


    Download link for ROM is broken. WiiSky70 check the link.
  8. dandyman


    Gonna try it now. will leave comment after all would be done.
  9. dandyman


    I've tried to flash according to the instruction, but no success. I'm getting "installation aborted". TPT image ver. v2a. Previous ROM version was [androidarmv6] [4.2] ColdFusionX 3 [CM10.1].
  10. Hi, guys. As i mentioned before, i have a problem with phone ringer. when someone calls me it sometimes rings, sometimes not. how can i fix this issue. Does anyone have that problem?
  11. bug with phone ring. it smtimes rings, smtimes not. any fixes?
  12. could anyone share the link with latiest rom adn fixes? thx.
  13. Thanks a lot for your great job. Good luck in your doings.
  14. tilal, i cant find wifi spot swicher where is it?