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  1. Off course i have done that. The new version is in beta,apparently. Th eold version was reliable and useable for me so I would prefer the original. But thanks for your help anyway.
  2. I had this on a previous Rom installation but now with a new ROm i don't have it anymore, I connected via USB and found the file android.congoogle.androis.apps.mapps. This was on the removable sd card. I tried copying it
  3. The phone was originnaly locked to Vodaphone. I am om T mobile. I paid for an unlock code which allows me to use mt T mobile sim. I cannot acces the interenet or any form of wireless connection with the phone as it directs straight to Even when it says wireless connection enabled it won't connect. I have no idea why this is. I just know that without the Vodaphone start up and branding that I can connect I have since installed Infusion and now can connect and collect gmail etc. All I need now is a free navigation that works on the Infusion rom.
  4. Ok I may have got it wrong but I am looking for a unbranded ROm, Completrly without any Vodaphone stuff. I read that gingerbread was like this. Is that correct. I just really need a stable and useable Rom without Vodaphone as with the Vodaphone I cannot access any gmail, interenet etc. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  5. Hi ihave tried a few roms and still haven't found a Rom that I am comfortable with. The closest I cam to was the infusion rom but I wanted something different. I have rea dthat Gingerbread rom is stable. ( i don't game on the phone). I cant find a Gingerbread rom that can be installed with CWM. If anyone could post a link to a stable Gingerbread RON installed using CWM I would be grateful. Thanks
  6. Yes I do a battery pull. wait 15 secs. I cannot download any apps as the phone is on a Vodaphone rom so I cannot connect to the internet ( I am on T mobile internet). I have found an APK file for a clock word mod recovery file . but dont know how to install an APK file from my laptop to the phone. It seems i need to reinstall clockwork mod. At the mo the phone is useless to me as I can't use any internet or gmail as the Vodaphone branding does not allow me to connect.
  7. Ok I am the dumbest guy here as I can't get a reasonable reliable rom to work on my phone. Every time i try to install any rom the phone does not boot up into clockwork mod recovery. I have tried to instal clockwork mod recovery but it doesn;t work. All i get when I hold the volume button up and the power down is an image of an andoid onhis back with his tin can belly open and a red hazard sign. I am on the 2030 baseband On start up it shows the vodaphone logo ( which I don't want). aNDROIS VERSION 4.0.3.
  8. Is there a straightforward way to install this. I have tried a few roms and this it what i need, a back to basics stripped rom that makes my phone useable and reliable. So far ever rom I have tried has had issues. I need to de brand the phone and make it useable , without it self rebooting and another rom had a distorted voice reception. TBH can anyone suggest a phone that may work like a normal phone without me spending hours tryingto make it simply useable? Sorry very frustrated as to to how many hours I have spent in trying to make a phone simply work as normal. Sorry for the rant. Actually no forget about it i am going to buy another phone.
  9. thanks. did anyone try the original update from Huawei?
  10. I have clockwork modinstalled so looking for a zip i can install onto sdcard and install and reboot.
  11. Thanks cyda. Coulsd I be cheeky and ask for a link for that as searching pulls up many results. Thanks
  12. Hello is this is a stock rom as I am looking for a rom that doesn;t reboot itself when it feels like and doesn't have the Vodaphone branding???
  13. Oktc paulh. i will give it a go. I found an apk file on the san fran but can't seem to copy oyt over to the g300. Don't know where to copy it too in the g300.
  14. I tried that but it doesn't give the same version. It looks like a different version and I found the nav app on my old phone quite reliable. Failing that is there a good free U.K nav app available for Android as the ones I have tried don't work quite well Thanks

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