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  1. My problem solved with this cwm.exe app http://zteblade3.com/zte-blade-3-install-a-custom-jelly-bean-rom-ics-rom-from-scratch/install-clockworkmod-recovery/
  2. Bootloader?

    I try to get in to bootloader. I cannot install a CWM as no access to bootloader, after adb reboot bootloader phone stuck on ZTE logo with solid red LED flash on top. Check private box if you polish
  3. Bootloader?

    Couldn't find much related to my problem so asking here. How bootloader looks on Blade 3? Every time after "adb reboot bootloader" I get stuck on ZTE logo screen and adb devices command shows empty list. I got all correct drivers installed. My phone is branded by Virgin Mobile so not sure if bootloader is different by any way. Some users says BL mode is when green android logo shows on the screen. In my case got a white/grey ZTE logo with dark background.
  4. I think my problem is a bootloader not drivers. I've done everything mentioned in this topic, even your suggestion. still same, every time after adb reboot bootloader command my phone rebooting and stuck on the ZTE logo on screen with fixed red LED, just cannot get to bootloader
  5. Hello all I got a problem with drivers. I've read whole topic and tried all possible ways to get it works but stll no lucky. I'm not new to Android phones, root, roms etc. I have all drivers installed well, problem start with bootloader when my device is not listed under adb. I'm running Windows 7 Proffesional 32Bit with auto update turned on, has no other usb drivers installed just ZTE. This is when my phone is as normal mode and conected to PC. Windows Device Manager found it as ZTE Composite ADB Interface or ZTE Handset ADB Interface depends on which usb mode is used (charging only, MTP, PTP) C:\Android>adb devices adb server is out of date. killing... * daemon started successfully * List of devices attached P772N10_VIRGIN device This is in bootloader: C:\Android>adb reboot bootloader C:\Android>adb devices List of devices attached C:\Android> In bootloader my phone under Windows Device Manager is listed as Android Bootloader Interface but adb cannot find it. Some users says that bootloader mode is when green android logo shows on the screen. In my case bootloader screen is dark (like the space with small stars around) with white/grey ZTE logo in the middle. Any suggestion?
  6. ZTE Tureis!

    new auction ZTE Tureis £30+£5 postage
  7. sorted, it was my SD card issue (weird) I have just put another memory card and all bin files updated straightaway, thanks
  8. Well I've done everything you mentioned, no lucky. Any image.bin file in the Image folder dosn't work at all. Just rebooting after "system update" has been selected. not sure what to do now.
  9. thanks, btw I can not find any downloadable this BP update and how to install it? via ZTE update tool or from SD Image folder?
  10. Hi mate, I try to roote it to use Iink2sd app, but when I put image.bin to Image folder, system updates from settings doing nothing, it found this file in Image folder but just rebooting my phone and when I press Power and Vol- FTM mode is on, no custom recovery, ZTE tureis (UK not branded) GB 2.3.5 build TUREISV1.0.0B01, any ideas? thanks
  11. ZTE Tureis!

    Submited to auction now (UK bidders only). 3 days duration, start bid £35.
  12. Hi All I have ZTE Tureis for sale on ebay if you are interested. £60 in very good condition.
  13. 600MHz or 800MHz?

    Hi everyone. just need to ask cos My Tureis cpu is 600 mhz, Is there somebody to confirm that you got CPU 800mHz? if yes, is there any way to overclock it up to 800mhz?