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  1. Nop ... Nothing at all (afou alla rwtaw kai alla m apantane re filaraki :P epsa3a na vrw tin rom 2.3 all no luck)
  2. [ROM][20.1] Aurora Borealis RLS1 (Android 4.0.4)

    the kernel download link provided is for the custom kernel of aurora borealis ???
  3. Well hello...as I mention in the subject... I have a question .. would it be possible to run a stock ZTE ROM ... using the custom kernel provided with the aurora Borealis ROM or the Cm10 ?
  4. I wanted to ask something else .. in the previous release not the latest .. wifi was working perfectly but proxy sensor didn't... can't we just create a .zip file to flash with cwm and so proxy would be fixed ??? just like what we did with the camera flash issue .. ?? I am asking this cause it would be much easier ... and would help everyone have a working phone ..
  5. Well some hours ago I encountered the same problem I reported previously with the notification area.. it caused the phone to freeze and restart.. It was just when I clicked the WiFi button to turn it on... does anyone know what could be the cause ?
  6. Also don't forget to upgrade previous versions of clockworkmod to latest (found on this thread) .. if you are already on clockworkmod just download flashable zip and flash it using clockworkmod...it worked for me... and then proceed to the upgrade to cm10...
  7. I think it would be a good thing to open a whole new thread about cm10 development!!! With dedicated links and etc. I've been using it for a couple of days now and I must admit it is really stable .. some minor bugs I've noticed have to do with the notification area .. for example yesterday my phone "crashed" when I used the notification area to switch on the WiFi .. but it was a single event... hasn't happened again.. another minor bag is with tmobile theme manager used in cyanogen mod... it crashes when you try to apply a new theme... but it applies it either way... anyway..I think upgrading to cm10(4.1.2 jb ) from stock 4.0.4 is worth the shot... the phone works a lot better and much faster than before ..battery life is extended by a little ..don't expect miracles..and over clocking capabilities are present... Give it a try...
  8. ok... i will try it...thanks... i will post conments after dl...
  9. and do i need to change anything ??? for the touchscreen to work and camera ???
  10. i saw the question now... but i see no link...the only link is for.the drivers for the camera flash
  11. can you send.me the rom(cm10) to test it...??? can i flash using cwm ??
  12. System pull

    Is there any way to make the gingerbread rom work on gsm networks? ? Also does the kernel make any difference,cause now i have 3.0.8 for android ics... ?!
  13. Could you also check the kernel version from settings? In about session.. you could probably try installing slovenian or greek rom for 4.0.4....
  14. well thats encouraging... could you tell me about the specifications of the kernel 2.3 version runs with... ?!!? also from wich country you come from so i can Find the rom and download it... i just want to see the difference between 4.0.4 and 2.3 in both speed and life of the battery...
  15. Well i've been wondering if anyone has seen a gingerbread version of the phone.. and if a downgrade from 4.0.4 is possible... ?