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  1. Hi.. is this particularly for the X9+ ?? also... it`s in Chinese...I extracted the files... but I`m not 100% sure this recovery image is for the X9+ because I cannot find one website that has recovery info for the X9+ ( not even for the X9S ( same chipset )) thanks
  2. Woofie: did you manage to fix your problem? A friend of mine has bought an X9+ I'm guessing I can root it with with root genius. What about Cwm? As I need to get play store on there....
  3. worked it out yet woofle?
  4. Hi all.... Will this phone work in the USA?. I'm moving there in June... Want to know if I need to sell them beforehand... Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  5. Hey guys.. Just developed a problem and I can't work it out. The same issue with two different roms. I have a xiaocai x9 and I've tried both lewa and a THL rom. Once I sign in to google it auto updates a bunch of apps fine. But at some point something changes and now when I download an app it gets to 100% and stops. Doesn't install??? It just stays at 100% and all I can do it click the x to cancel.. Any ideas??
  6. Hi Nhede.. tried your rom.... had to revert... after a reboot I couldn`t get my network to work again.... I had a ? over my network signal and couldn`t fix that! any ideas?? Darren Share-Online - dl/ Download - - Free File Hosting and Cloud Storage (291,48 MB) - DepositFiles Download W100Port Nhede zip BayFiles Download file - UploadHero
  7. Nice one :) thanks for this.... going to give this a try now :) Share-Online - dl/ Download - - Free File Hosting and Cloud Storage (291,48 MB) - DepositFiles Download W100Port Nhede zip BayFiles Download file - UploadHero
  8. Tillaz: i had a small problem with your rom. I couldnt grt the MTK engineer mode running in mobile uncle tools. Just wouldnt open..
  9. Could of weirdies with my X9. I put a previous nandroid backup of Lewa Rom on my phone a while ago. Since then I have a very faint red light in the hole next to the speaker at the top of the phone! First I thought it might be light bleeding from somewhere.. Anyways I put Tillaz`s rom on there the other day... no light! ?? Stuck Lewa back on... light is back on ( I`m sure it adds to my battery drain ) GPS: We all know the problems around this with the X9 ( and how to improve this ) but I`ve noticed something. On my way to the station in the mornings I put Maps on and it will get a lock within 10 seconds! this has happened three consecutive days now. I do it on the way home and it`ll take upwards of a minute... whats going on there?? @ Tillaz: Hey.. nice rom :) whats the reason Mobile Uncle Tools ( MTK Engineer ) mode doesn`t open on your rom?? thanks Darren
  10. I found it the other day but never messed with it but.. In Mobileuncle tools, under Engineer mode:mtk:location:location based settings:gps Theres a setting at the bottom 'delay before starting gps' Mine was set to 20. I have set it to 5 ( seconds im guessing ) Now my GPS finds a location REAL quick!!
  11. I think the zip i tried was my second try at that rom. I cant be sure though.. Ill redownload and try again.. I did research this error 7 and i found something.. About editing a file that turns verification off ( allowing you to put the wrong rom on your phone )
  12. When I try and install the new Lewa rom I get this. set_perm some changes failed E: error in /sdcard/lewa_Xiaocia x x x .zip ( Status 7 ) any ideas????
  13. Looks like v5 of the Lewa rom is available :)
  14. GPS weirdness. I'm on LEWA os. Trying to work my way through GPS issues. I have found if i install the gps.conf ( tillaz ) then i get no lock at all with ( maps, waze etc ) If i delete it then i get a lock within 10 seconds..

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