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    Galaxy s2 CM12.1
  1. Hello, I install the cm12.1 on the y300 from my daughter, but i cant call. Mobile network not available. I can enter the sim card code, but thats it. Does anyone now how to recover this. Regards Doser.
  2. flash original firmware

    Hello, I find the problem, i used the older version fo ADT, and that one works. Doser.
  3. flash original firmware

    Hello, I use ADT, but ADT does not show my acer. Does any one know how to fix this. Regards, Doser.
  4. [ROM] [PORT] CM7 Jelly Bean Remix

    Hello, I have installed tl-metal 2.3.6. on the phone, can i install this firmware now, or do i have to install the original firmware first? regards Neo.
  5. Hello, i just dowload the original firmware from the acer site. It is a zip file. Can i flash this firmware in recovery mode? Regards Doser.
  6. Hello, Is AD2SDX working with this rom? Doser.
  7. How can i install the playstore? Doser.
  8. MIUI liquid 2.3.7c phoenix signed

    Yes i am sure, i have the Liquid Mt S120. Doser.
  9. MIUI liquid 2.3.7c phoenix signed

    Hello Itpitt, I use "CWMrecovery5.8.4.3-Mt-Touch-Ex4support-CreatedbyEduard1234" Regards, Doser.
  10. MIUI liquid 2.3.7c phoenix signed

    Hello Mtman1, I Already did all off that. I will download the file again and will give it a try. Regards, Doser.
  11. MIUI liquid 2.3.7c phoenix signed

    Hello Mtman1 and Itpitt, I download the file on the site ( lfdesigns ) and installed it on my liquid mt. I installed it in recovery mode. When i reboot the phone when the install is done, its starts in fast boot mode. I cant get it to work, do one of you know why? Regards, Doser.
  12. MIUI liquid 2.3.7c phoenix signed

    Is that one also for the Acer liquid metal MTs 120? Doser.
  13. Hello, I downloaded the "MIUI liquid 2.3.7c phoenix signed.zip" can this one flashed to my Liquid metal mt s120? Regards, Doser.
  14. Lewa OS Liquid Mt (new version)

    Hello topolo, I know how to format, i did it with minitool. I first format the sd, ext4, primary, cluster size 4kb, label ext4. But maybe this is wrong and the cluster shout be 2kb, i dont know. Regards Doser.
  15. Lewa OS Liquid Mt (new version)

    What are youre spec. For formating ext? Regards Doser.