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  1. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic witts end stuck at cwm screen   

    Try doing a full wipe (dalvik cache, cache and wipe data) then flash another stock tpt and then follow the normal procedures. Hopefully the TPT will recover it all back to stock and you'll be able to start from scratch. Been a while since I've used a Crescent but I'll try and help.

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  2. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic [Tutorial] How to root your P1 and install ClockWorkMod   


    Got my P1 a few days ago and decided to look into flashing clockworkmod due to the fact I'm more comfortable having an android device that's rooted and what not.

    Tried to follow your tutorial (I've done this plenty of times on my previous 3 devices so it looked straight forward) but unfortunately I got stuck on the <waiting for device> screen on adb after attempting to send the recovery img. Had to do a manual reboot to get the phone back to the normal screen and it's working fine so no damage done. Any idea what's going wrong?

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  3. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic [Q] Front Camera, skype and other things that might not work   

    I no longer own the device but I just install the armv6 flash player and the BBC iPlayer app and had no issues but as you said, BBC have created another app called the BBC Media Player so I'll have a search for you, two moments.
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  4. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic [Q] Front Camera, skype and other things that might not work   

    Hope this has helped.
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  5. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic [DEV][ROM] ParanoidAndroid 3.15/AOSP- Android 4.2.2   

    Good job
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  6. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic [Q] How long should it take to boot the Xolo X900 after deoxexing using Fibblesan's tool   

    Haven't got the device but 30 minutes for a boot seems a bit too long. Try removing the battery (if it has a removable one) or just turn the device off and reboot. You can even just attempt the whole procedure again, could just be a bad flash. I can't see no harm in turning it off/rebooting/reflashing.

    As I don't own the device my knowledge is very limited so my advice could be useless so just wait till somebody else comments before you try anything, just in case.

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  7. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic Front Camera and CyanogenMod.   

    I'm pretty sure its because the builds we have for the Crescent are based on the original Blades libs and that device doesn't support a front camera or flash so they won't work on our phones.

    I'm not too sure though.
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  8. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM] [Last updated: 20/02]   

    No longer using the Crescent as I have my HTC One V (bootloader unlocked and running a Custom ROM within 24 hours of purchasing. Sense is awful!)

    But its great to see this released. Good work. I'll flash it on my Crescent one day to test.
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  9. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic How to root my T-mobile vivacity   

    Only way to root is to install Clockworkmod then flash a rooted stock rom
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  10. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic [PORT][GB] Swedish Snow - Fully working.   

    I'm not too sure then I'm afraid. I am very limited experience in Android development so I'm pretty much on par with you so I can't help! I'm also getting a new phone next week so I can't see this ROM being updated (Unless somebody wants to take over then that would be perfectly fine and I would encourage somebody to take over this for me).

    Sorry again!
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  11. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic [PORT][GB] Swedish Snow - Fully working.   

    You're welcome.

    I'm not too sure. You could just drop the FM Radio apk from FNC into the SwedishSnow ROM zip and flash it. But it'll probably be a problem deeper than just the apk but its worth a shot.
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  12. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a topic in ZTE Blade 2 / Crescent -   

    Just a few words
    Hello everybody,

    I've had my Crescent for just over a year now and I'm upgrading to a HTC One V in a few weeks time when I get paid so this is just a little thread to say thank you to everybody who I've had the pleasure to talk to on here! I've never used Modaco previously to getting my Crescent as I've just used XDA in the past but I'm glad I got into this community as the majority of you guys are helpful and just genuinely nice people.

    I've learnt a lot about Android thanks to this device and I'd like to thank the likes of Dazzazo, Raverrr and everybody else who has created ROMs for this device and kept it alive even when things looked completely dead.

    Basically, it's been a pleasurable and enjoyable stay here and chances are I'll be back to mess around with ROMs every now and again. I appreciate all the help I've received here. My phone is currently running CM10 and it's great to see such a low budget phone running Jelly Bean, even if it has a few minor issues.

    Thanks again and goodbye, for now!
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  13. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic Best Android Devices under £250?   

    Thanks for the reply. I don't get paid until the 11th but if the Sony Xperia P is still available for that price I'll definitely pick it up.
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  14. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a topic in Absolute Beginners   

    Best Android Devices under £250?

    I'm currently trying to find a new device under £250 which is available either unlocked or on the Three network here in the United Kingdom. I don't mind ordering online as long as it's from a website which I feel safe buying from (Mainly big sites like Amazon etc) but I'd prefer to buy instore if possible.

    I own a ZTE Crescent (OSF2) and it's a nifty device but I fancy a upgrade. I was looking at the Nexus 4 from Google which is £280 (16gb) but it sells out too fast and my local Carphone Warehouse want £380 for it (Over £100 over the actual price which I find disgusting).

    I want a device which has root access and has good specifications. I'd like around 4" screen, 5mp+ camera with flash and auto focus, anything else I don't mind, as long as it runs smoothly, I'd also like it to be up-gradable to an official ICS build although official JB would be perfect. I'll be flashing custom ROMs after a few weeks but it'd just be nice to have an official build.

    I've been looking at a few devices so which would you recommend?

    Huewai Ascend G300
    Huewai Ascend G330 (When it's released in the UK)
    Sony Xperia U
    Sony Xperia J

    Or any other devices which may be promising to me?


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  15. CurtisAndroidSF2 added a post in a topic [JB] PAC [ Paranoid + Aokp+ Cm10 ] for the Crescent [17-12-2012]   

    In Paranoid Android there is a setting to completely disable hybrid tablet UI mode so I presume there should be a way to do it in this ROM. Not sure where it'll be though.
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