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  1. manage to compile it wifi ok but setting apk is buguy have to fix...
  2. hi all. after compiling and building for u8860 , i know now how to do what i wanted for u8220 and 8230. so i will try to make a last build for u8220/8230 with kernel upgraded to or with working wifi modules etc.... hope i will manage.from theory to something w<orking there is a big step...i think it might be one of the last work i will do for u8220/8230... for myself first and then for all other people who still own that device... i will try also to leave how -to for next generation of owner and builder...(may be i dream new dev generation?)
  3. i would like to know if there is a dev still using u8220/8230 who have the willing to dev for our phone?
  4. hi.which rom are you using actually? are you on stock rom? and which recovery do you use?
  6. bye.
  7. i have no idea... :ph34r:
  8. hey guys what about to try to port kernel 2.6.35 for our pulse? the htc heroc have the same spec than the pulse.and there is a github with source of it. i think that the thing to manage to do it is to port the 2.6.35 to cos if we try to do the contrary, there is some file i can't properly paste. so who's going to help me? Unity is strength...
  9. so here is what i have been doing i did reinstall original stock rom for u8230 france bouygues telecom... it was funny about the look etc...i did have a quick look in internal storage and it was only showing 73 MB. right now i am trying to flash the tre update.. edit: df -k /system give me: /system 112640k total 104448k used 8192k block size 4096) on tre update. will try another update. but it seems that i still have the same system partition size. 112640/1024=110 will edit again...
  10. these kernel are done for rom styx like rom and onyx like rom..
  11. i am using one of the last cm7 i have tweaked. i will upload you later 2 roms :-cm7.2 and also 2.3.7 cyanmobile experience cm7.2rc3.5 with 2 differents with optimization in init.rc and one withour optimization. so you can choose the rom you want, and also test kernel. i will add frandom and crossbreeder also, so you can enjoy . please give feed back about kernel ( by egg if the one with optimization is more battery drain than the other , etc) will upload later as i am busy now. the "best" rom is supposed to be styx from twrock( may his phone rest in peace...)
  12. i would advice apkmultitools for linux, 2nd link you can use many tools :here is some links about that:
  13. no , i don't. i want to return to original stock to see if i would have "200MB" partition back. may be i shouldn't have flash TRE? edit: i think that everything is ok...i won't flash stock i found answer here.... so not worth to flash to phone is ok... edit 2 : now i am confused. is there something wrong ? what should i do? reflash stock rom or the tre?
  14. might be right.. i might have installed TRE long time ago to install cm7 etc..., ignoring what i was doing... i found original stock dload ...will try to flash it to see what happen.... ( :unsure: it is a little scary... :D )
  15. i have a EDIT: Print of df -k /system Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/block/mtdblock1 112640 91032 21608 81% /system

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