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  1. Thanks man, this is great, our blade will never die :D Best buy ever
  2. It happened to me for the 4th time since the first release of this rom, the last two of them in the last 2 days :\
  3. I don't know if it has been posted already, but I have the clock automatically set by the carrier and it freezes sometimes, just the clock in the notifications bar however, the rest is all right, in the messages and whatsapp the time is right except for the clock in the notifications bar.
  4. about the governor, you need to unlock the programmer options. Go to "about the phone" in settings, tap 7 times on the build number. Then you can change the governor in da performance button in settings
  5. There isn't anything you can do about the excessive using of memory? Thanks for this great rom!
  6. Use nova launcher and turn off the animations in the developers options or something like that
  7. Is it only with me that play store opens and closes instantly with last release? Also, doesn't show the name of the contacts in the messages app, only their numbers :(
  8. It's all working for some time now, don't know what you talking about... cm10 is stable for daily use, you should go see the changelog of the version 4.1.2 of konstat
  9. crazzy_boy

    Openmax codecs for arm v6 (petition)

    We would appreciate it :)