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  1. Hi Paul, Just baked and installed. Everything seems great. Thanks.
  2. dragon1720

    We have 5 copies of CoPilot to give away!

    Hi, My name is Kyle. My most memorable drive was returning from University in Dundee back to west yorkshire (about 300 miles) for the 1st time by myself. It was winter and as I was driving, it was dark and I got caught in a blizzard. Nerve-wrecking at the time, but I got back eventually.
  3. Hi Caspa, Thanks for the response. I know all the details are correct, but after entering server settings etc it tries to connect. Normally it would show a message requiring permissions within a few seconds. Now, however it tried to connect for about 5 mins then it just fails. On a side note it was also working fine yesterday prior to me upgrading. Thanks,
  4. Hi, Firstly, thanks Paul, I'm really enjoying this ROM. However, I was wondering if anyone else has been having issues setting up an exchange account? I've not had this problem on any previous MoDaCo rom and I did a full wipe before updating. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Dragon1720
  5. dragon1720

    Post your Galaxy Nexus homescreens

    I may be a little late to this topic but this is my home screen
  6. dragon1720

    Help with Titanium Backup

    Hi Jamie, Thanks for the reply, I was just about to update this message because I got it working again. However, it was just like you said, in the apps section of the settings menu, I wiped the cache of the three market related items. (market, feedback agent, and I can't remember the last one) I then disabled them, and a few minutes later re-enabled them. Perhaps the disabling was overkill to some degree. I tried the market, it took a while but when it came back they were all restored. Thank you Dragon1720
  7. Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice in regards to a problem I've had with Titanium Backup, I've looked through their site and I can't see anything relating to the issue. Basically, I recently flashed the Beta 2 4.0.4, this all went fine. Prior to flashing, I backed up my applications through Titanium Backup (I have the pro version). Afterwards I restored all my applications via Titanium backup, again everything went fine. My problem is that the android market no longer recognises I have these apps on my phone. In total, I have approx 60 apps, but the market now thinks I have 20. I tried using the market update helper and market doctor from Titanium Backup, but it still hasn't solved the problem. I have tried running the various apps to see if that would update the market, but no such luck. I'm not sure on what to try next, so I was hoping someone here maybe able to help. Thank you Dragon1720