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  1. Hi all, Can anyone assist with what I am trying to do with the G300. Have been using the handset for a couple years and followed instruction found on this site for rooting and applying latest releases of ROM's to play around with the additional features. I am now using a Moto G as my main device and wanted to pass on the G300 to a member of family. I would like to return the G300 to a stock rom which also does not have branding if possible. I did find some links which were no longer available in other threads. Would be great if someone could give some advice.
  2. Wow... look forward to trying 4.3...Thanks Daz!
  3. Have tried the latest build 19/07/2013. I still have issue on this rom streaming music to Bluetooth stereo. Daz.. Is there any info I can provide to look at possible fix? Apart from this, it is perfect for everyday use.
  4. Will try latest nightly, hope this fixes issues I am seeing with Bluetooth and streaming media.
  5. Hello all.. I have gone back to cm9.1 after testing cm10.1 for a while. I flashed nightly 05/07 following a reset - I still have the call volume sound fluctuate, some are reporting this is fixed. - Streaming media to my Bluetooth car stereo keeps losing the sound... example... jango plays through all of first song, second song starts playing but no sound heard. Calls are not affected at any point with sound being played through car speakers. This was not experienced on 10.1 any ideas what this could be down to?... Possible fix? Would appreciate your views : )
  6. Hi all, Have tried CM9 r10 but the problem still exists with Bluetooth connection to my car stereo. If I use latest release of CM10.1, I can stream music without issue. Is there any known problems with the Bluetooth on CM9.. any info I can provide to help?.. Daz?
  7. I have returned to CM9 after my G300 has been using the Jelly Bean cyanogen offerings. - I am finding this ROM much more stable for daily use. - The one thing that I do miss though is stable bluetooth. I recently purchased a pioneer car stereo with bluetooth so I could stream music and use hands free calling on the G300. The connection is always dropping, to restore I have to scroll through available sources and reconnect again to the phone. Hope there will be a fix added to the bluetooth on this ROM. It will remain on my phone until future releases :)
  8. I have experienced the same issue with viber on 10.1 Sound did work with CM9
  9. HI all, Hopefully someone can help... I have recently put CM( onto my G300. Everything was running well but I neded to make space on the phone. Using 'App2SD' I moved the majority of apps from the internal memory. A day later I performed a reboot, now I cannot see any of the apps on the SD card, {Settings - Storage} shows no information for the SD card. Is there a way I can get access to the SD Card again?
  10. 10.1 has been on my phone for a week, definitely not going back to Vodafone supplied firmware. Not having any issue with call volume or LED notification lights, but have noticed the following. Google voice can be slow at times to change from 'initializing' to 'speak now'. I am using hardware buttons to run the app, long press home key. When connecting headphones there is no symbol displayed in notification bar. Is there anything that can be done with the sound volume of the G300. Volume through headphones is only loud enough for a quiet room. I understand this is probably due to phone hardware but if a tweak can be made this will make a huge difference. Thanks again Daz!
  11. Hi all, newbie to the forum, first post! Made the jump to 10.1 after being stuck with the options Vodafone provide. Very happy with how the phone is performing now, thanks Daz! Can anyone shed some light on how I can configure the storage option for new downloads. I would like all new apps to be automatically stored on the external memory card.