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  1. I can not install apk from unknown sources. have enabled the unknown source, but appear an error, and not install. Best regards
  2. the lockscreen appear black, how to solve this?
  3. suggestion, topic for the G330's, not for me, but for those who have this smartphone because it becomes confusing. It's a suggestion.
  4. Hello, The letters seem small, the DPI values are the solution? How to change the value? Thank U
  5. in googleplay exist an app with name SlimWallpaper Chooser but i d'ont like. someone get me wallpapers, please. thnks
  6. to be more precise, in advanced wipe, i did wipe the dalvik cache, cache, cust, system, date and internal storage, i did not make the micro sd...
  7. I put the rom on the sdcard, but not extract. I wipe everything except sd ext, installed the rom and gapps and did reboot system. I did the installation correctly?
  8. the ringtones are all duplicated. what to do? is normal in this last release?
  9. hi, i'm with actualizacion de 02/01/2015. before the actualizacion, have a fail of transference and appear in the notificacion in the top. whi the notificacion not desappear? help me? thanks best regards
  10. Thank you. I install de materiaLstyle and i love it. The updates of this theme is automactily or not? best regards
  11. always i do this, but now the contacts only appear is the adresse of email's. In the gmail, contacts appear the email's only not the contacts of numbers phones. This is the problem.