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  1. Hm, thanks for link to firefox/fennec - browser work fine
  2. Button savior isn't same. ICS softbuttons look pretty and is more functional and comfortable than hardware buttons. blade have a quite big screen. i used ics with softbuttons in Galaxy mini and is realy good. just asking, does Tilal will provide framework of soft buttons, because I can not recompile it properly
  3. Hello. Can you modify framework-res.apk i add softbuttons ? Here is a tutorial http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1364757 i try make this mod, but i can't corretly compile framework. Can you make this mod and public in forum link for this framework? The Cold Fusion is amaizing rom. thanks!
  4. Tilal, autorotation dont work correctly. if we rotate screen then first display rotate 180' and until rotate correctly
  5. I make this miui only for my tests. not for others users. Tital we waiting :) you are awesome ;)
  6. I make little port MIUI from skate to Blade, This is my video :)
  7. tilal when you upload new version? We waiting :/ you uplad miui version for skate but not new version ics :/
  8. I write few times . you must go in to settings-launcher-drawer and uncheck first option