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  1. I think you shoud stay on Swedish Snow. Battery works longer. Rom is fast and smooth. There is more space on apps. Swedish Snow works on partiotion /system 128 then on data you have 326MB. This is the best choice if you want to have no problem with the phone.
  2. I have this rom since last update. Phone working without charger about 24 hours. I think it's normal with this phone. Sometimes you shoud discharge phone to turn off and charge in this state then battery working better. It's work with my phone.
  3. Thank you for your work daemond. Great rom, for me it is faster than CM11. Where can I found mms.apk with dark theme? beacouse in this rom option :"use dark theme" does not work in aplication sms/mms.
  4. buchciarz

    ZTE Blade TPTs

    Can anyone create TPT with system 114MB and data 340MB or 115/339 please? Gen2 or Gen1 to Gen2