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  1. ok kr0m i'll try it....thanks anyway! A walkthrought with this adb???i'm not familiar with this...please give me instructions!
  2. Come on guys nobody can give a solution???
  3. Hello guys!!!I need your help to acces the recovery mode on the zteblade...vol down and power up is not working...i mention that i made all the things necesarily and that right now i've installed cm10 4.2.2, but now i can't acces the recovery mode...if i try to acces it it get stuck at the android green logo and the backlight stays red...if i turn it on normally is working buti have many errors on the soft...it's very laggy and many applications doesn't work...what else can i try in order to acces de recovery manager and change the current rom???
  4. You're wright...I have the same issue!
  5. Ok man i'll try your LG 4.0;)!
  6. Man i've found this from zte skate: If you have time try to look at this,or port a different rom with the beats audio:)!
  7. ok i understand...let me look for another worthy rom and i let you know:)!I'm looking for a rom with awesome beats!
  8. Hy man i've a question for you???can you port this to our's blade???
  9. Just tried this rom...it's fast and pretty good but i've the same probleme with detecting usb!
  10. Good bye!~:)
  11. thank you man for your hard work...because of you and the other guys my blade is a special phone for me!
  12. that'll be nice if a dev will port this
  13. Maybe this will help you
  14. Did you tried with this z4root???

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