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  1. hi guys, i own a vodafone galaxy s4 and my request is: is there a way to remove the brand?to make it like a no-brand device (wich allows me to update it from samsung instead of from vodafone?) thx you all!
  2. Cm 10.1 for acer liquid metal it is possible

    I know lense, i was sarcastic...(-> -.-) i ve followed all the LM modding since the start of it...i even remember when u came to us with the lights of the promise of cm...
  3. Cm 10.1 for acer liquid metal it is possible

    For sure he didn t think about it...-.-
  4. The End

    you really think so? i don t...ics has been released on 19 oct 2011, in this laps of time only lens had achieve a partially working release of it, others devs who tried had based their selves on his work and abandon the work pretty soon without achieving more function. and there has been very few devs trying...u were one of them, and i respect you for that, but what lens said here is present in other threads, with the same tone...so i think that he meant we never had a chance. i agree with him, and i already said that probably i'll get a new smartphone before we reach anything, but i also think is way more important to thank and encourage people who keep trying, cause maybe someone will reach the goal, and if he won't at least is all experience in developing, wich can be of many help for other future device modding, for other community. if he keep saying there is no hope, no one will ever try again...
  5. The End

    if he coudn't affort it doesn t necessary mean that nobody can. while someone keep on trying there is hope. maybe we'll never afford full ics, but that is 'cause not enough devs had our metal, but there is no point shutting down everyone that show some interest in trying, like he did in all the threads about it. as i said, he has been a great dev, but now he s a little bitchy with other people who put time, energy and resources (not last their own phones) in this work.
  6. The End

    If u consider a full functional rom, yes lens, it was the last chance...or are you still investigating about mobile data (wich is the core of a daily use smartphone) and camera?if that was the case we apology and beg you to post your results...otherwise don t be so undisposing to other that at least kept on trying...we all are happy for your work and thanked you muliple times, but show some respect for the other devs (or sort of, nobody came on earth with full knowledge)
  7. 64gb MicroSD in our Metal?

    There was another thread about the same thing, you can search for it if u want longer reply. Btw 32 is the max
  8. CyanogenMod-7.1-LiquidMt

    There is no way to fix bluetooth bug?it woul be awsome and it will make this rom perfect...
  9. camera button mistery

    hi there again. this time i m not posting a problem, but as i named the post as "camera botton mistery" seemed right to me to post the evolving situation. the botton that didn t work, after the installation of the touch recovery, hasn t been a problem no more. however after installing tecnolover's kernel the camera botton works like a charm, with focus and so on, instantly. so i don't know if that was a software or hardware problem anymore, but i tell you about it, just in case someone else have the same problem. my rom was t&l 2.3.6 ;)
  10. camera button mistery

    Yeah the major problem were about recovery manager who didn t work very well at the beginning, but after a reboot it worked...your method is valid :D thanks again for the tips ;)
  11. camera button mistery

    find the ext4 link, then it worked like a charm, thanks to you both guyz ;)
  12. camera button mistery

    Thx guys! I have seen that in my previous research but the fact that i have to flash it via fastboot stopped me...i can t flash anything without the camera button...am i wrong? EDIT: i saw your guid mtman1 but it seems to have some problem...are you sure it works? and if it fails and load fastboot instead of recovery can i reinstall an other recovery via pc?
  13. camera button mistery

    hi there, today i was spending my time in changing my rom but i had a problem. i can t confirm the "flash" command via recovery cause the camera button doesn t seem to do his job. i enter the recovery via quick boot app, but seen the problem i tried to shut down the phone and enter the recovery with the combination (wich, as u know, require camera button to work) and...it just works... anyway is still impossible to select anything in recovery cause the button doesn t work. tried to do some photos too, to see if the problem is general (normally i take a photo pressing on the screen) or just for recovery but it doesn t work too...(it just make focus) there is someone who can tell me how to solve this?or at least how to flash something without camera button? thx to all guys...
  14. [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    it seems it was a 4share problem, the link is back..
  15. [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    can someone reupload the aosp version pls? cause the link is offline...