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  1. In what version of CWM did you backup your ROM?
  2. Xperianoid (Base - PA 2.63), 960MHz, SD benchmark disabled.
  3. Yes, this ROM. No, i didn't change anything. Governor is performance. Sd card - 4 Gb class 4, 1 Gb of them - for internal memory int2ext. :)
  4. My phone reboots only at 1036. Kernel is from PA CM10 2.53 from C3CO.
  5. dc72 Yes, the ROMs in the second post specifically have to go in the SD card. You must flash PA as a NAND ROM. :)
  6. Thanks, Lalit! All working!!! MIUI as Nand ROM and MokeeOS as SD ROM! :)
  7. How to unlock the US versions of Galaxy SIII (with Snapdragon)?
  8. Proximity sensor not working during the call... :(
  9. What is with screenshot in latest version 2.8.3?
  10. How to delete the bootanimation?
  11. Error when i copying a contact from the sim card to the phone memory (error Where is a file? I want to delete it :)
  12. HI! Can you add the changelog on english to a first post? What is working, what isn't?
  13. I think you need drivers for your laptop's bluetooth. Google helps you :)

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