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  1. I have been using for a while the app mounts2SD. I'm quite happy with it :)
  2. You can try the following, if you haven't tried anything else (e.g. int2ext)
  3. The phone is off. Press volume down & power on at the same time. This will get you into the recovery menu. I had performance problems until I bought a faster SD (class 10). Since then its faster. Some more tweeks are: overclocking the CPU, "freeze" the apps that you don't use frequently, Under Developer options --> Drawing --> Select off to any animations (Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, Animator duration scale) Those are my suggestions. They wont make the phone lightning fast but they help :)
  4. PBP is the one who should be thanked :)
  5. Take a look here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/365005-devrom-cyanogenmod-102-android-431-for-zte-v9/?p=2156675 Just to help you a little: "Installing boot to CWM, backup, format /system, install the rom, install gapps Important Notes - backup all your v9 including /data and /sd-ext before trying this rom. it is highly likely that things will break if you flip back and forward between cm10.1 and cm10.2 using the same /data. - you will need >190MB in /system to flash this rom (my .au Optus v9 has 220MB), and initial boot will take ~5mins - this ROM is for the resistive screen V9's only - capacitive V9c touch screens won't work. - there is not enough space in a 220MB /system partition for both gapps and Focal (~25MB) so Focal is not included. it doesn't really work anyway. - as with all cm10.2 updates from previous versions, the phone shortcut will break. delete it and copy in a new one from apps - if you are booting to a non-wiped /data then android will restart some services (including surfaceflinger) to complete the update and adb will stop working too. reboot the phone to fix adb." And some more info I've found from another post: Hope those help you a lot :)
  6. As a phone is functioning excellently (with my bluetooth earpiece) Great work on this PbP :)
  7. Great work PbP :) working fine until now. (Didn't found out how to get Google account to work. Has anyone?).
  8. Where have you been PbP? Have you stopped working on this project? :)
  9. Just out of curiosity, where have you guys seen the compatibility problems? With armv6 maybe?
  10. faji

    S1005KTAB problem

    Hello, I own an S1005KTAB (tablet). When I tried to adjust the brightness to automatic by accident I pressed the 0% brightness. Since then the tablet is useless (blank screen). The question is if anyone has any idea how can I reset it to factory settings? I managed to enter recovery but no menu in there!!! Any suggestions? Thank you in advance :)
  11. I think that kit-Kat version will solve our problems
  12. @ mitchiti Do try the int2ext solution. I use it my self and it's working fine.
  13. Take a look here (read carefully): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1171531 Hope it works for you :) (I haven't tried this my self)