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  1. Nice! thank you very much :)
  2. ther0x

    Chainfire 3D

    Yes you can use it. You have to use Nvidia plug in to play with tegra games http://android-ll.blogspot.it/2011/06/anche-i-giochi-tegra-2-girano-sul.html
  3. A peppi', ti sei letto il primo post?? Peppi', do you have read the first post??
  4. Pinguy, there is a way to have ics icons into the homepage? ps. when battery is lower than 15% in lockscreen there is %d%%... strange PS2. google play patch now seems to work ;)
  5. Thanks pinguy I ll try tomorrow and let you know :)
  6. Thanks Pinguy, but it doesn't seem to work :/ PS. also in google play on pc it says that I don't have a compatible device
  7. I have read a guide how to play tegra games on liquid metal (installing Chainfire 3D with NVidia plug in) Except this it seems I don't have unlocked the phone with your zip file :/
  8. Hi Pinguy is it better to install Chainfire 3D with NVIDIA plug in?
  9. I don't think I have installed It and doesn't have any problem
  10. try with this "You can keep your data and install the new version of the ROM. What you need to do is first make a backup with CWM of your current install, then flash the new ROM without doing any wipes. After the new ROM has been flashed go to backup and restore while still in CWM and select advanced restore, then pick your backup that you just made and select Restore data."
  11. It seems the buttery life is more short now :/ (4.2c)
  12. Ok Pinguy, it seems to work fine I have upgraded CWM from 4 to 5 version and restored data only I don't see APP2SD app...strange There is a way to understand if there is the 4.2c version now? Thankyou again
  13. Hi pinguy, can I upgrade to 4.2b from 4.2 without loosing anti data? Many Thanks!!