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  1. From the entire community FrAndroid (French communauty ZTE Android). Superb work and A huge thank you

  2. I see I'm not the only one spoke English so approximately lol. I agree too , I thought for example adjustment of paranandroid (phablet or tablet mode) which is managed perfectly functional on our dear C3C0 builds, while the new method is different phablet. it is a kind of difference I was referring to. I note that C3C0 and as Tilal do an outstanding job.
  3. But you're a funny you say so! If I wanted a child I would note said. I was told not dutout whimsical meets its logical points. Each has its advantages and build inconvéniants. And want C3C0 integrated settings (wifi Thering) in a build Tilal has no relation with pressing a Marie Curie in Madona.
  4. If possible coupled with the Zeelog build , C3C0 and Tilal build , that's probably will reach perfection
  5. thanks , add to my dropbox, when will on my phone I will try this. And find the fluidity of the old version in youtubeHQ? __ I have applications as SFR-TV, FREEDiYoutube, Listube or any other online video playback, and none works. Some launches video me and returns an error, else works fine but the audio only without having the TV image is ennuiyant, but it is progress because before the application did not even beginning accession __ does not fix the glitch, just change the color now is white screen instead of that I will take a picture ... while the old version showed me the image correctly. I prefer the old apn, even have a glitch ugly yellow while I see that I take a picture, I will restore but thank you!
  6. Do not you confused S3 and S4 sfr Kernel? Since "PA-JB", the unit is much less smooth. Prettier, but slower. Youtube HQ regress before it was pretty smooth but not anymore. The toggles have a slight bug display, Wifi, and all the other icons on the icon freezer is "On" that is enabled or not, against the 2G/3G toggle icon change much, and synchronization the icon is gray when inactive and white when active. Many FC's Google search apk ( velvet ? )
  7. Yes , yellow glitch. And many applications don't works ( sfr tv for exemple ) and youtube HQ works but not smooth ( >1fps )
  8. Vocal don't work , only text .. Use old Vocal in new google now
  9. J'suii J

    2 GB internal memory

    I spend reading of 4.2 MB to 6 MB read and 15 mb reading 20mbs with use SD Speed Increase , no sufficient ?
  10. work on cm10 cfx2 but not on Paranoid cm10 ?
  11. J'suii J

    2 GB internal memory

    What class sd card recommended for this? Class 4 is sufficient or speed writing / reading is too low?