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  1. Liquid Metal wont boot

  2. Liquid Metal wont boot

    Nope :( Acer Download tool works as usual until the phone goes it reboot. Then nothing happens.
  3. Liquid Metal wont boot

    I have tried multiple times, it still wont work. :(
  4. Liquid Metal wont boot

    Only into download mode and sd download mode
  5. Liquid Metal wont boot

    Hello, While lending my sister my phone it went flat and now refuses to turn on. Download mode works and I have flashed it from a computer, but it still wont work. I am unable to get into recovery and it does not show the battery symbol while charging. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. TV-Out ?

    I was thinking out this the other day, could video be outputted using the 3.5mm headphone jack by using software to convert the video to a analogue signal then sending it to the headphone jack? A 3.5mm jack to av cable adaptor would then be used to connect the phone to the tv.
  7. MIUI camera on T&L

  8. MIUI camera on T&L

    I have miui camera 17, did you just install the apk using a file manager?
  9. MIUI camera on T&L

    Video is still horrible
  10. MIUI camera on T&L

    Hello Iam trying to get the miui camera on the T&L rom, I have tried just copying the miui camera apk from the miui rom and then installing it. But the video it records is very low quality. Do I have to put it in a zip then flash using recovery?