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  1. i wipe all then flash again ofc, i flash the rom then zgapps, google play only have google search for 4.1 .__. unuseable, this is kinda weird btw deep sleep doesnt work and i had ghost touch im using liquid e s100
  2. thanks, i reinstall and i got gallery @[email protected] but still no g search...and yes, i tried cmw, whats 200 200?
  3. hi, i installed and i cant find gallery+google search app :o the rom is like that or the install problem?
  4. thanks for ur work :D maybe u and end222 can together finish the rom, his cm10 seems to working well also hope to see some more update from u later <3
  5. [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    the UI is actually an app called themer, it only work for android 4.1+ (CM10)
  6. [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    weird that i neva get a single restart :o it all run very well, app crash few times only, but gps not working, seems like im the only one having that problem
  7. [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    did u enable usb debugging and then run the install_recovery.cmd? :o sry thats all i know
  8. [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    ít in 1st post @[email protected] the recovery..
  9. [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    u have to use cwm recovery only it work
  10. [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    hmm...maybe my zip broken, i try download again :o btw may i ask if deepsleep working? *edit: still doesnt working for me, probably coz im using liquid e i suppose :/ i guess i back to 4.0.4
  11. [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    i used and can tell that this rom is quite great, the launcher very smooth, camera work fine, great UI, sometime crash but it work fine, a bit lack of internal but its fine with s2e or link2sd somehow my gps keep run all the time and also cant find my location, is that a bug? or something using it? (gmap also cant find my place :o) *edit: yeah....gps bugged and cant find place :/ it keep running over and over again...i reinstall still got that bug
  12. [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    u need to use link2sd or s2e to move app to ext-sd :o and install something like gosms to change ringtone from ur own music, thats how i did with cm9
  13. [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    thanks, run script mean i run install_recovery.cmd?
  14. [ROM] Flaming UI - CM10

    ohhh :3 new rom, i hope it dun have delay when open app and weird ghost touch...along with fully working cam/led (most necessary) then it can be consider very good ady, thanks also love the new theme <3 btw could u make a short guide on how to install the new recovery? im not really know a lot about phone, thanks!
  15. oh i see >< thanks anyway for ur job, cm is not really suited for me, its too plain and the gallery and file explorer is really bad