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  1. P.S. Sorry for my English, i'm from east Europe...and my English not perfect)
  2. The people that I understand that this topic should not be here. But please all who can help find or if one of the developers who are engaged in manual for devices of Huawei company do a good deed, do some development for this phone model. I am writing this here because I do not know how and who to turn to, and because the development of custom firmware for this smartphone almost non-existent, it all comes down to a change in the interface. To be specific, I was very interested in Android 4.1/4.2, and Emotion UI
  3. When i'm choose meizu theme in theme chooser and then I press the menu button, adw launcher always force close (This aplication has stopped unexpectedly)...anybody help me with this problem?? (Sorry for bad english)