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  1. trx182

    Brittish people: Euro or Pound?

    Im so glad the majority in Sweden voted no like me about the euro.. Dont see the point of it really when not everyone has it.
  2. Ohh this is interesting :) Nice work! Cant wait to try it
  3. I used the default live wall paper, perhaps that size isnt ported for Sensation? Shud be.. Or is it "live" related perhaps? Gonna try a static wall paper next, default and a self made one. I read somewhere that sebs latest kernel could speed things up and "fix" the glitches and what not. Gonna try that as well. Btw, i rebooted, wiped dalvik and cache. The lockscreen frooze again after ~5 min. :D I also tried the google car thingy, but BT messed something up. Got some FC, and it lagged like crazy. Cant use it. Gonna do some more testing.. :)