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  1. Download link for 1.2 ad2sdx script ?
  2. A good idea to get ICS

    Me too...hoping ics on Mt.
  3. Sony Xperia U The best smartphone < 200 €

    1.91 gb isn't enought for 200 € smartphone...
  4. Sony Xperia U The best smartphone < 200 €

    The best smartphone for 200 € ..... but it hasn't the microsd slot :huh: .....very poor modding and very poor memory (8 Gb = 4 gb system NOT usable + 2gb Sys apps NOT usable + 1.91 gb USABLE. Very good material and Hw but memory is very poor....
  5. pinguy, do you have prob on dev ? However continue performing this fantstic rom...
  6. We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    I'm here and i'll win this pi !!!!!
  7. A litle taste of MiuiV4

    Very nice...i'll try it when cm9 Will be all ok.
  8. Liquidmt & jabra easygo

    Install performance rom 4.3a vanilla, try with this fantastic rom !
  9. Man this rom is awesome!! It's my first cooked rom....thank you so much! PS : i've encountered an error in android.process.acora or something similari when i opened contacts.... solved deleting contact data files
  10. I use Go launcher.... but i tried only this one in my "Mt" life. Very cool and usefull...
  11. Choosing a 7 tablet

    Mediacom or Archos Tablet are Good choices...but if u want a great design and full power 7" Tablet, Buy the new galaxy Tab 2.....very cool B)
  12. Tweet from Acer Indonesia

  13. Voodo sound for acer liquid metal

    Perfavore parliamo inglese qui... Please speak english here...