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    [ROM][ICS][NewBL/OldBL] OptiX

    Hello, Can something that bothered because I'm trying to install a rom I'm currently on 10.1 cm (4.2.2 JB) I do not know what the baseband?
  2. I have Hynix memory. Date:06.2012 Purchased in: Serbia
  3. Hello, I have Hynix memory, I checked, that's why I'm asking all this because I'm confused. So it is better to give up on all this, while I still have the phone. Although if you have a safe idea, I accept it. "dalyer" Thank you very much for your efforts and your understanding.
  4. This confuses me: :excl: :excl:Do Not Unlock If You Have Hynix Flash, Until A Fix Is Found! :excl: :excl:
  5. Sorry for the bad English, I used Google Translate... :unsure: Hi, I'm new here, and maybe it's stupid to go immediately to the problems, but ... Does anyone can help me to see if I unlocked bootloader? I tried the "Read code and Unlock Huawei bootloader.rar" from https://mega.co.nz/#!L94RkS6C!M4On-jeR7M0WJZkpk8LZJGeNbUEEx4ueD_bkzbXWsHs but does not show me anything, just following results: Model: Huawei Ascend G series IMEI: 861229014441xxx Wi-Fi MAC: 88:534:26:4 A: BD BlueTooth MAC: 88:534:26:4 A: BC SIM Lock status: unlocked From the port we only displays 1,2,5 and 8 Currently I use Dazzozzo-in 10.1 Rom I tried another method to check, but the same result. I wonder how to check or permanently unlocked bootloader, if at the same time I have to be on a stock rom (now I Dazz CM10.1 4.2.2) or something else ... Note: I have Hynix flash memory, as I was a tutorial I read that some of the methods are going to brick. I'd like him to permanently unlock the bootloader, just help me the methods that I have to go back to a stock option ROM'a? Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.
  6. I'm interested in the difference compared to 29112013, and how to update a new version, the CM update on the phone gives me only a CM 11 version, nothing about 10.1 ...??? Thanks, and Happy New Year :)
  7. Is it normal that I have * Superuser * icon in the menu? Superuser works but no icons, if you think that I should do something,would you please tell me. Thank you, bye. :unsure:
  8. How stable, whether it is a test. I need a stable version for the everyday use, I'm a little older every day that I tested the rom, thank you. Edit:I found where and how, I wondered what is the most stable version, when someone said, many would have helped.
  9. Hi, where can I download the latest version, or even a newer * [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM] [WEEKLY BUILDS AVAILABLE] *, the only one I have found is that by 28.04.2013. I do not know which is the most stable? Thank you in advance for your help, sorry to bad english;-(
  10. Hello. Why can not I download this Rom, start and stop, and eventually stop, I even registered on http://www.solidfiles.com/
  11. Which Rom to install from the list(http://getcm.thebron...m/?device=u8815), I do not know what is??? Excuse me if I ask stupid, but I really do not know??? Thanks for your help;-) I found him, "thank you for your help ..." ;-p
  12. Is there a way to calibrate or adjust it to a light sensor? I use a mod. Mokee rom. ( ). Too slow to react to changing external lighting. Thank you, regards ...
  13. Thanks, I'll try. Switch from PC to sd, then the "file manager" in system / app, and then you said ...
  14. how to reinstall fm radio apk. and music apk. ? I have problems in the application work, everything else is fine, so I just reinstalled them, or maybe install another two for them. Thank you in advance for your help, thank you and c3c0 in this rom, am left on it because it's the most functional. ;-)