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  1. kido44

    Custom rom

    Hi yea camera worked before and I followed the instructions to the letter. whipped a few things.
  2. kido44

    Custom rom

    I have tried two other cameras but neither work?
  3. kido44

    Custom rom

    I'm actually happy with this rom but I can't use my camera which is important, is there a work round.
  4. kido44

    Custom rom

    So what's stock + ? Will I be able to use my camera on that rom? So I just delete everything off my sd card?
  5. kido44

    Custom rom

    Would the official ICS update be a better option for me? I need to use my camera & headphones see.
  6. kido44

    Custom rom

    That's fine but the battery life isn't great and I cant use my camera, there isn't a icon? Also my hands free headphones won't work so cant use my phone while driving. If I did wanna change is it easy?
  7. Hi I've just flashed http://getcm.thebronasium.com/get/cyanogenmod/19/cm-10-20130217-EXPERIMENTAL-u8815-R6.zip And it works well but I'd like to try a different ROM. Could someone advise me if I have to remove the current ROM or just download a new ROM to my SD card & just flash that. Also which ROM is best for battery life?
  8. I just installed this rom ( http://getcm.thebronasium.com/get/cyanogenmod/19/cm-10-20130217-EXPERIMENTAL-u8815-R6.zip) And the battery is terrible & my headphones don't work for hands free?
  9. Don't understand any of what your saying
  10. kido44

    64gb micro sd card cl10

    Skull sd had you flashed your phone before you used a 64gb sd card as mine isn't showing when inserted?
  11. I know this has been asked before but I'm getting confused. I've bought a 64gb sd card so could someone talk me through the process of increasing the internal memory by allocating some of the sd card (ie 1gb) to external Menory or even all of it? Whsts the best way to do this?
  12. kido44

    Gapps ????

    Ok so once I have flashed custom jelly bean rom I have to flash google apps. Where is best to do that?
  13. I keep seeing gapps mentioned? If I install a custom rom do I have to worry about gapps?
  14. Don't have a clue what that means?