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    zte blade
  1. Amazing ROM, superfast, reliable everything works fine :)
  2. This is the best thing that can happen to your blade. Incredible fast, beutiful, thank you Zee. You arr my hero. I dont need to buy a new phone :)
  3. NenaMark Benchmark

    31.4 fps Smartassv2 600mhz Konstakangs 4.1.2
  4. Works fine. Thank you :)
  5. Use Konstakang's Newest jellybean. Its the best. (Almost Everything works)I used CM7.2 4 month ics 3 week and now jellybean. Jellybean is the best.
  6. I reinstalled the ROM and now it works fine :)
  7. When i start recording : gallery stopped working. I "reinstall" a ROM. Maybe it's my failure. :)
  8. In the previous version of the cm10 the panorama and the video recorder worked fine but now it didn't work.