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    S-Galaxy SII (I9100)/Hudl
  1. aramil

    Hudl thoughts

    3. Gravity box for xpossed framework does this. (Quick and easy way) 4. I started to look at CM for the hudl (I roll my own flavour for my S2,i9100) but have not had time to get very far ATM.
  2. aramil

    1.3 OTA and Hudl Rooted with Kingo

    The guys at xda saw some tx to a server in china from the root program "getting device drivers" But after some private (ie not to disclose exploits) discussions they said it was safe to use http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=46595305&postcount=78
  3. I used the Samsung android USB driver set & ADB(i9100) manually applied in device mgr in windows 8.1 worked first time :) flashes & rooted :-)
  4. Did you miss me lol (sorry just enjoying the day) looking forward to the LPQ V1