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  1. aramil added a post in a topic Hudl thoughts   

    3. Gravity box for xpossed framework does this. (Quick and easy way)

    4. I started to look at CM for the hudl (I roll my own flavour for my S2,i9100) but have not had time to get very far ATM.
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  2. aramil added a post in a topic 1.3 OTA and Hudl Rooted with Kingo   

    The guys at xda saw some tx to a server in china from the root program "getting device drivers" But after some private (ie not to disclose exploits) discussions they said it was safe to use
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  3. aramil added a post in a topic Problem with Hudl being recognised in Windows 8.1. Need driver. :-(   

    I used the Samsung android USB driver set & ADB(i9100) manually applied in device mgr in windows 8.1 worked first time :) flashes & rooted :-)
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  4. aramil added a post in a topic [19/02] [XXLPH] Simplistic ICS Rom RC8; A SuperLite ROM   

    Did you miss me lol (sorry just enjoying the day)

    looking forward to the LPQ V1
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