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  1. I just tried to compile a build. It's not for daily usage, let's hold on Tilal's version!
  2. I have just compiled another build, it boots, WiFi is working fine, but there are not any icons (neither on desktop nor on the AppDrawer)
  3. works well? Thkns.
  4. Thank you tilal! You're de best :) :D
  5. The 2 compilations doesn`t start properly, one has poblem graphics, and the other doesn`t start. I love your job tilial. Waiting for a new release.
  6. Have a look at this link. Is it possible to this mobile to have in a futureQualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon and Ice cream sandwich working completely. If yes does it mean that our devices will support ICS?¿
  7. what tpt i need to get Jelly Bean on my skate? , I'm very lost.. Sorry for my bad english. Can anyone help me with this¿
  8. Hello, skaters! New here!! From the last week I have experienced a kind of trouble with my ZTE Skate (V960) device earspeaker, after CM9 set up. To tell you the truth that have never happened to me before, but then I made a phone call and heard my interlocutor with a bad sound quality (louder and more bothering than the previous calls). I have thought about getting my skatie repaired, but first I'd like to know if that issue has happened to somebody, how did you fix it, and stuff..

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